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Why Would a Peoria Auto Accident Lawyer Decline My Case?

Sometimes, a Peoria auto accident lawyer will decline a case. Some explain their decision to their clients and advise them on their options. Others prefer to remain quiet about their motives and leave their clients in the dark.

As a client, having your case declined can be confusing. You do not know what to believe and what to do next. Should you drop your case or reach out to another Peoria auto accident lawyer? The answer will obviously depend on your case details.

However, the reasons why a car accident attorney may deny a case are not many. They can be easy to guess. Reviewing them might actually help you realize why the lawyer you saw declined your case. We will do that in the following lines.

5 Common Reasons Why a Peoria Auto Accident Lawyer May Decline a Case

1. The Statute of Limitations Has Expired

Georgia statutes of limitations set a time limit for civil actions referring to property damage. If the deadline has passed or is about to, many auto accident attorneys will not even look at the case. Even if more than two years have passed from your accident, you should not give up. In some circumstances, the court will accept actions filed later. You just have to find the Peoria auto accident lawyer aware of and able to prove those circumstances.

2. The Value of the Claim Is Too Low

Most car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee. This means they get their money when they win, only if they win. Their honorary is, most of the times, a percentage of the compensation they obtain. If they believe there is little money in a case, many lawyers will decline it.

However, more experienced attorneys know that the value of a claim does not lie in the immediate accident-related expenses. The law allows claims for pain and suffering, lost joy, and other non-economic damages that could be worth much more.

3. The Case Is Difficult to Win

Some Peoria car accident lawyers shy away from court trials and difficult cases. If they anticipate a long and difficult court battle, they will step aside. This is especially true when the claimant shares fault for the accident or evidence is scarce.

However, not all auto accident attorneys are alike. Some love challenges and have no problem going to court. They will dig up and find the evidence they need, and they will not rest until they win. If a Peoria auto accident lawyer declined your case because it is difficult, you are better off without them. You will surely find a better attorney to represent you.

4. There Is a Conflict of Interest

Peoria has developed at an accelerated pace, and due to its proximity to the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, it feels huge. However, some cases make you realize the world is really small. When a Peoria auto accident lawyer declines a case, it could be because they discovered a conflict of interest.

Perhaps they are related to the other parties involved in the accident or their insurers. Perhaps they are under contract with someone involved in your case. Sometimes, it is better to have your case declined than to lose it for reasons out of your control. There are other car accident lawyers in Peoria, and one will surely take your case.

5. Poor Rapport

Have you ever met someone and felt you were not on the same page? Perhaps you had important differences of opinion or just too different personalities. For a Peoria auto accident attorney, the relationship with the client is important. They cannot work when they feel their client does not trust them or communication is poor.

If the attorney you consulted got this vibe, you should be grateful they declined your case. You will be working with your lawyer for months, so good rapport is essential. You need neutral trust, respect, and commitment to the case. Keep looking until you find the lawyer with whom you can establish such a connection.

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