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Arizona Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs are wonderful animals, and many of us love them. However, they can also be dangerous. A dog’s attack can lead to terrible injuries. Even a small bite can cause quite a bit of harm and distress, and bigger bites can result in truly horrible and long-lasting consequences, such as infection, loss of a limb or even death. A lot of victims of dog attacks are unsupervised children, for whom the injuries can be particularly devastating. Fortunately, the law can help you get the compensation for the medical bills and other costs. The law applicable to dog bites is an area of personal injury law.

The field of personal injury and the procedures involved are hard to navigate, and the dog biting injuries cases are even more complex than others. That is because you can’t hold the actual attacker (the animal) legally responsible. There are chains of causation and fault to be established, which is a very tricky job, especially during recovery time. You need to spend that time taking care of yourself or your loved one who’s become a dog bite victim. That’s why you should get in touch with a Phoenix dog bite lawyer at Warnock MacKinlay Law as soon as you can after an attack has taken place. We can make sure your case is handled property and the party at fault is clearly established, to ensure you get your compensation.

Dog bites

dog bite injury on leg

Every year, there are about 4.5 million people attacked by dogs in the US. In 2016, Arizona was on a watch list for an increasing number of dog bite injuries. A lot of them stem from the owner not taking proper precautions.

According to Arizona law, dog owners are liable for any injuries caused by their pet, whether or not there’s any prior history of the dog being violent. However, there are exceptions to that rule, and every case’s facts need to be checked thoroughly before making a claim and determining damages, both actual and punitive. For that reason, an experienced dog bite personal injury attorney is desirable to have on your side throughout the proceedings. Nathaniel Preston’s team of Phoenix-based dog bite attorneys has a lot of experience dealing with dog bite injuries and their consequences. They’ll handle your case diligently and carefully and make sure you get all the compensation you deserve. Get in touch with them as soon as possible after an attack to meet all the deadlines. It’s very important to adhere to statute of limitations terms. They are either 1 year or 2, depending on the situation. If you don’t make the claim during that period, you won’t be able to file one subsequently. Our dog bite attorneys are the very people to ensure that no deadline is missed.

Some cases where the dog owner wouldn’t be liable include trespassing on the property or provoking the pet in some way. In all other cases, the law of the states imposes liability on the dog owner. In order to establish that liability, the victim has to show that the bite has caused the injury and they were in a public area or lawfully on private premises when it happened. There’s no need to prove that the owner was negligent. However, even if you don’t feel that you were lawfully on a premises (e.g. if you were visiting your neighbor without an invite), you might still have a case. Nathaniel Preston’s team has dealt with cases like that, and even murkier ones, and will be able to help you choose the right course of action for your claim, whatever the circumstances may be.

If you were visiting a dog owner’s house for work, e.g. if you’re a delivery person or a mailman, and you get bitten, you might also get workers’ compensation and benefits for lost wages. In order to ascertain your eligibility for both the latter and the dog bite, a good personal injury attorney is a must. Our Phoenix dog bite lawyers’ broad range of expertise and skills are what makes them the perfect attorneys for such cases. Get in touch as soon as you can to assess all the circumstances of your situation. The first consultation is always provided free of charge.

In addition to damages from the dog owner, you’re also eligible to file claims with an insurance company. Liability would usually fall under homeowners’ insurance since a dog is legally property. It’s not easy to negotiate with an insurance company, especially whilst you’re undergoing treatment and recovery for a dog bite. They are interested in paying you as little as possible, and they have lawyers on their side to help them with that. That’s why you need to have an experienced Phoenix dog bite lawyer at your side as well during the negotiations and the proceedings. We would prioritize protecting your interest throughout all stages of negotiations and will deal with the insurers on your behalf.

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If you or your loved one were bitten by a dog, make sure to get medical attention immediately. Once you do, contact Phoenix dog bite lawyers at your earliest convenience. The first consultation is provided on a free-of-charge basis, and it’s important for an attorney to get started on a case right away. There are time limits they have to comply with, and these cases can take a few months to be resolved. Before the team gets started, they’ll let you know your options in the course of the first consultation and help you choose a solution that’ll help you recover as much of the compensation as possible.

Our Phoenix dog bite lawyers’ experience in supporting our clients throughout the entire process is what makes them strong and skilled attorneys. We prioritize the client’s well-being and interests above all else and will do our best to help you get the compensation you deserve. Get in touch with us for a free initial consultation today.

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