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Arizona Aviation Accident Lawyer

Helicopter accidents, a plane crashed, and incidents with private aircraft are more common than you might think. Aviation accidents involve injuries that happen on the ground and during everyday flight activity.

Not every plane crash is a huge event. An Arizona aviation accident lawyer can help you handle this unexpected event in your life. There are many things that can go wrong and almost all of them end in severe injuries.

Get legal help to find out who is responsible and how you can start paying for your medical bills, call Nathaniel B. Preston at Warnock MacKinlay Law today.

Medical Helicopters

Medical transportation is a facet of care that can’t go wrong. Except that it occasionally does. So, who is responsible? The pilot, the hospital? Your injuries will be part of a large investigation as both the hospital and the medical team will likely come under scrutiny.

The trouble is that these cases can be drug out over many years. All the while, you’re suffering from further injury, losing wages, and possibly losing time with loved ones. There’s little more that you can do but wait unless you involve a lawyer.

Getting an Arizona aviation accident lawyer on your side will ensure that someone is speaking out for you. The hospital will no doubt try to protect its reputation. The pilot will surely try to protect themselves and their livelihood. You need someone to protect you.

Private Aircraft

Nearly all aircraft accidents through recent years are due to pilot error. This can be caused by something like spatial disorientation, or it can be more obvious, like a missed runway, or even a basic navigation error. It’s likely that your accident in a private aircraft had something to do with the pilot.

Pilots of private aircraft should always have insurance. Liability insurance should cover not only property damage but medical payments as well. Bodily injury is the segment of coverage that you need to know about.

Be sure to record all the events of the crash clearly. Take photographs of your injuries and as soon as you are able, write down everything you can remember. The plane’s owner and the pilot’s insurance companies should be contacting you soon after the crash.

Be aware that these insurance companies do not necessarily operate like other forms of insurance. Pilots often have hundreds of millions of coverage. But these policies have endless loopholes and fine-print to get out of issuing compensation.

If you were in an accident with a private aircraft, you need legal help. These accidents often take place on the runway or in the hanger pulling the plane around. Regardless of the specifics of the crash, you can expect a rough time getting your claim through.

This image shows a small private plane crashed in a residential area.
If you have been injured in an aviation accident, seeking representation will be key to whether you obtain compensation.

Do I Have A Case?

Every year there are hundreds of cases that go to court with favorable verdicts for victims or settle beforehand. Aviation accidents often go to court as people refuse to settle for less than they believe is fair.

It’s likely that you have a case if you were hurt in any plane related accident. Seek the help of a lawyer to learn how to get started. An experienced Arizona aviation accident lawyer will understand the basic requirements that pilots must have such as liability insurance.

How Long Can A Case Last?

When you have an experienced lawyer on your aviation case, it can significantly impact the length of the process. You want someone that knows the special rules and laws that govern personal injury as well as aviation.

Cases that involve one party, the property owner who is also the pilot, you will deal with one insurance company. These cases can move fairly quickly and often settle before court.

Cases that involve two parties, where the property owner and pilot are separate people with different insurance companies, the case will last longer. Additionally, cases where you involve the property owner of an establishment such as the owner of a private hanger or hospital, the case will be long.

From a few weeks to many months, it is hard to say when your case will reach an end. Discuss your goals for compensation with a lawyer and lay out the evidence that you have to prove your injuries resulted from the crash.

Contact the Aviation Accident Lawyer, Nathaniel B. Preston, at Warnock MacKinlay Law Today!

When it comes to filing a claim against a pilot, hospital or property owner you need legal guidance. It’s likely that you have serious injuries to recover from, and that should be your top priority.

Get a lawyer involved shortly after your accident to get your case moving quickly. In Arizona, you have a limited amount of time to file your personal injury case. A strong aviation accident attorney will put things into motion while you’re focusing on your recovery.

Contact Nathaniel B. Preston, a practicing aviation accident attorney with Warnock and MacKinlay Law. With a free consultation, you can learn more about your case such as who you can take a case against and what compensation to expect. And remember, you pay nothing up-front and owe nothing unless you win! Call (602)600-6427 today and get an experienced attorney your side!

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