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Richard S. Lundin

Richard S. Lundin represents people in auto accidents and personal injury cases in both state and federal courts. He is totally committed to seeing that his clients receive their full rights and compensation in each of the cases he handles.




Richard S. Lundin represents people in auto accidents and personal injury cases in both state and federal courts. He is totally committed to seeing that his clients receive their full rights and compensation in each of the cases he handles.

He has over 24 years of experience in personal injury out-of-court settlements and litigation, having handled or supervised more than 400 cases in the courts and more than 8,000 personal injury cases. Rick listens to his clients carefully, and he tailors his approach to their needs on a case-by-case basis.

Rick believes in going the extra mile for those he represents, and his responsive, committed style has consistently earned him high client satisfaction and appreciation.

Rick’s family goes back more than 100 years in Arizona, to the early 1900’s when his grandfather was a young boy on a farm in Glendale, Arizona. Rick decided he wanted to be a lawyer at age 16 while attending high school in Phoenix.

Rick began his career in law at the age of 19, working part-time as a litigation assistant at a large, established law firm in downtown Phoenix while he attended Arizona State University. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in finance, Rick worked as a legal assistant in a mid-sized Phoenix law firm in the area of construction and commercial collections. Rick chose to attend The National Law Center of the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and earned his law degree in 1993.

Rick also belongs to the Arizona Association for Justice, the Maryland Association for Justice, as well as the American Bar Association in the areas of Litigation, Law Practice Management, and Family Law.

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Examples of Richard's Cases

Full Compensation For A “Fender-Bender” On AZ State Route 51 Despite Insurance Adjuster’s Initial Denial
Our client was rear-ended forcefully in stop-and-go traffic. The damage to the vehicles appeared to be minimal, but the force of the impact jolted our client back and forth and caused her to suffer “whiplash” injuries to her neck and back. Our client required medical care, an MRI and 20 physical therapy sessions over a two-month period. The adjuster initially offered just the cost of the visit to the urgent care, $160. Upon our advice, our client rightly rejected this ridiculous offer and we conducted negotiations over several months. Due to our persistence and refusal to take a low-ball offer, we were able to convince the adjuster to offer full compensation, and our client put thousands of dollars in her pocket for her pain and suffering for this “fender-bender” collision.
$340,000 Settlement For A Knee Injury In A Phoenix Car Crash Case, Despite Prior Sports Injury To Same Knee.
. A client had already spent a substantial amount on another attorney to obtain a custody order granting her sole physical custody and legal-decision making authority, due to her husband’s untreated mental illness. Although she wanted a divorce, the court issued a decree of legal separation due to a legal technicality. Her husband went into treatment for his mental illness and became more stable on medication. He then sought equal parenting time, joint legal decision-making and a decrease in his child support. My client did not want to change the parenting arrangement, as the children were very young (pre-school and first grade), and her husband lived out of state and was seeking extended parenting time during summer and holidays without any supervision despite his previous psychotic episodes. My client worked part-time for the public school and needed the child support. She also wanted a divorce. We opposed his requests, believing that his limited rights of contact were in the best interest of the children until there was a proven track record of wellness and that he needed to pay his back child support and start paying current support. After a few court hearings, we obtained the divorce and maintain my client’s sole custody and legal-decision making authority with supervised parenting time for the children’s father. We prevented a decrease in the child support, and we obtained a court order that the children’s father make monthly payments on his accumulated child support arrearage of more than $15,000.
Client’s Divorce Finalized And Her Full Custody Maintained Due To Husband’s Mental Illness.
Our client was traveling through a green light on Bell Road in Surprise, Arizona when the other driver turned left in front of him. The other driver incorrectly claimed she had a green arrow. We had a passenger witness who supported the fact that our client had the green light. Nevertheless, the insurance adjuster tried to wrongly place fault for the accident on our client. We rejected this effort by the adjuster and negotiated a settlement for 100% of the other driver’s insurance policy, $25,000, and we recovered an additional sum of $13,000 from the insurance company for the vehicle our client was driving. Overall, we recovered $38,000 for our client, who suffered “whiplash” injuries to his neck and back and a mild concussion in this collision. Like so many of our clients, our client in this case was very pleased with the handling of his case and the compensation he received due to our representation.

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