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Arizona Construction Accident Lawyer

As Arizona grows, cities are expanding. The focus on expansion has construction projects popping up all over the state, especially in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Construction sites are excellent for bringing in new jobs and revitalizing the community.

But, construction sites also come with a wide range of accidents. Construction site accidents include everything from general safety environment issues to poor working conditions. Construction sites often have great heights, with little guarding, and undertrained staff. As a result, an Arizona construction accident lawyer may find themselves in high demand.

Only a construction accident attorney can help stand up to these big companies. Attorney Nathaniel B. Preston, at Warnock MacKinlay Law, has years of experience in dealing with these companies and boasts a 99%+ success rate for his clients. Call him today to get an expert lawyer on your side; the construction company will have lawyers defending their interests, you should as well.

Worker’s Compensation for Employees

Employees are the primary people on a construction site. There are a few exceptions of city personnel and similar that may visit the site from time to time. But generally, these sites are not open to the public.

Employees injured on a job site might not initially see the problem as a construction accident. They may file for worker’s compensation and wait for their claim to go through. However, accidents that result in injuries on construction sites have more legal possibilities.

Many employees on a job site are either contractors, which work independently, part of a union, or an employee of a contractor. So what happens in the event of an accident?

Employees of contracted labor have limited options, and often their injuries also leave them unable to work for a time. There are some cases that you may be able to take a case against another responsible party. Clear violations of OSHA or other safety standards on the job site could fall to the property owner or project manager.

Speak with a lawyer to find out if workers’ compensation is your only option. As an employee, you should have had a safe environment to work in, and that clearly wasn’t the case.

Pedestrians Involved in Construction Accidents

Those walking nearby, people driving on an affected street or the similar, you may have been part of a major construction accident. Bridges can catch fire during construction while traffic continues on below. Or, you could be walking down a sidewalk only to have scaffolding collapse dropping heavy equipment as it does.

These are unlikely, but very real situations that people find themselves in. Legal help, in this case, will often guide you through finding the responsible party. Was a contractor negligent in their safety practices?

Perhaps the property owner was rushing the project and cutting corners. Or there is even the chance that a genuine mistake of an employee led to unbelievable disaster.

From ladders to fires and everything in-between, injuries to pedestrians from construction sites are almost always severe. You don’t just need legal help. You need someone experienced and ready to take on a major role in your case from start to finish.

A construction worker lies on the ground after an injury as his colleagues rush to his side. An Arizona construction accident lawyer can get much needed compensation.
Construction workers deal with high-risk work conditions and are likely to be injured at some point in their career.

Common Causes of Construction Accidents

A construction site has so many moving parts that it is fairly easy to overlook one thing. Unfortunately overlooking even one detail can lead to injury on these job sites. Construction sites are among the most hazardous job sites in the United States.

Common causes of construction accidents include the use of heavy machinery and chemicals. When you are working with unstable or temporary structures, there is a significant chance of risk as well.

The idea is that anyone handling heavy machinery, chemicals or temporary structures, should have thorough training. But training and experience don’t always line up. There’s the risk of inexperienced staff, or overly comfortable staff mishandling their job duty.

Then there is the risk of project managers and contractors cutting corners. Many sites must use multiple contractors, and some can only begin work after others are done.

For example, electricians often work after much of a building’s structure is complete. They are then at risk of the prior contractors taking shortcuts which may expose them to unstable work environments.

Common Injuries

Falling off a standard ladder might not seem serious, but if it results in torn ligaments or hyperextension, it is rather severe. Common injuries from construction sites range wildly.

  • Muscle injuries are among the most difficult for a construction worker to recover from as they may be out of work for a long stretch of time. These injuries don’t always require surgery, but they do require long periods of rest.
  • Burns often find their way into construction accident cases as the people here work closely with corrosive materials and explosives. Flammable or explosive materials such as natural gas and gasoline pick up flames quickly. If you experienced burns, you need legal help to pursue additional pain and suffering options.
  • Electrocution happens on construction sites, and the effects can be damaging. Third-degree burns and in some cases death, from electrocution, is possible.
  • Brain Injury from either falling or having heavy objects fall on you is a serious issue. Traumatic Brain Injury requires a very slow recovery, usually surgery, and most often you will still not recover fully.

If you experienced any injury on a construction site, contact an Arizona construction accident lawyer. You are likely to come across many hurdles during your recovery and worrying about legal paperwork should not be your top priority.

Hiring a lawyer should allow you to focus on recovering mentally and physically. While you recover, your lawyer should be hard at work putting together a strong case for you.

Contact Nathaniel B. Preston for Legal Help

When taking on these large companies, you need someone who will aggressively pursue your case. A lawyer should not only research the specifics of your case but find precedence and support your claim.

Injuries from construction accidents can impact how you enjoy your life. They can impact how long you have to live and your ability to work. You need someone who will argue for you to get fair compensation. We have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for victims and would love to do the same for you.

It’s almost certain that you won’t get fair compensation from an insurance company’s first offer. At least not on the first time around. Work with an experienced Arizona construction accident lawyer.

Contact Nathaniel B. Preston, at Warnock MacKinlay Law, for legal help. He can provide a free consultation to learn more about your case and offer insight into how to best handle your case. Call us today at (602)600-6427 to get the representation you deserve for your construction accident.

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