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What Should I Do After Being Hurt in a Phoenix, AZ Auto Accident?

The Arizona Department of Transportation requires you to remain at the scene when involved in an auto accident in Phoenix, Arizona. Disobeying this order leads to license revocation. However, this law is inapplicable to seriously injured drivers rushed to the hospital for emergency care. 

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A majority of car accidents usually arise due to the following reasons.

  • Reckless/ irresponsible driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Slippery roads

Reckless driving occurs when the driver has no regard for his safety or that of other drivers. It includes ignoring road signs, engaging in phone conversations while driving, excessive speeding, or refusing to give way to emergency vehicles. Drunk driving often leads to severe impact injuries such as spine dislocation, broken limbs, severe head fractures, and death.

Apart from accidents arising out of poor judgment, there are others such as automobile malfunction, weather, and poor road conditions, which are beyond the drivers’ control. Regardless of how the accident occurred, many wonder what they should do the moments after their accident. Below are just a few tips from Warnock MacKinlay Law of Phoenix, Arizona, to provide guidance for recent car accident victims.

What mistakes should I avoid while at the accident scene?

Some drivers will try to convince you to talk to their insurance company. Avoid this trap because insurance claim adjusters will use your recorded statement to their advantage in court. Arizona’s state laws require drivers involved in traffic accidents to report the incident to the police within 24 hours.

In case you have injured passengers, you can call for an ambulance or rush them to the nearest hospital. Return to the scene immediately and wait for the police. The Arizona Department of Transport prescribes a 5-year license revocation to drivers who flee auto accident scenes that result in serious physical injuries.

Avoid giving false information to the police regarding the status of your driving license or insurance. The offender will still face the same legal consequences even if the victim’s driving license is expired or suspended. However, the Arizona Department of Transportation can impose a fine and impound the car accident victim’s motor vehicle for 30 days.

It is advisable to watch the other driver at all times. If you spot the offender getting rid of bottles of alcohols or drug paraphernalia from the car, capture the evidence on your phone’s camera and show the pictures to the police.  Your car accident lawyer will use the images to press for higher compensation from the offender.

How do I prove my innocence when involved in a car accident in Phoenix?

After calling for an ambulance, you should take pictures of the accident scene. Pay attention to the tire marks on the road. Take close snaps of the point of collision in order to help the police and insurance investigators determine the nature and mechanism of the car accident.

If you had passengers in your motor vehicle during the incident, encourage them to record statements with the police. Encourage eyewitnesses to meet with your accident lawyer and provide their accounts of the traffic incident. Avoid any unsolicited communication with the other driver’s insurance investigators.

How does comparative fault apply for an auto accident?

Comparative fault is a concept that examines how both driver’s actions contributed to the car crash. This concept is suitable in open-and-shut traffic incidents such as being rear-ended when slowing down at a stop sign.

Arizona’s comparative negligence laws state that a plaintiff involved in a car crash in Phoenix cannot receive any compensation if found to have intentionally caused the auto accident. The court awards compensation if one can prove how the defendant’s actions directly resulted to the plaintiff sustaining physical injuries, motor vehicle damage, or death.

The Arizona Department of Transportation imposes a duty of care to all drivers within its jurisdiction. In legal terms, a duty of care means that each driver has a responsibility of maintaining the safety of other drivers on the road.

Do I need an auto accident attorney?

Yes. With the occurrence of a high number of accidents, most drivers end up pursuing injury compensation. The injured drivers require the help of a seasoned auto accident lawyer who is familiar with the state law. Auto accident attorneys request for full legal fees after the court rules in favor of the plaintiff, so you should not worry about upfront costs. To further discuss your legal options, reach out to Warnock MacKinlay Law today for a consultation.

How can a Phoenix auto accident attorney help me?

An experienced car accident attorney is competent in filing claims and gathering proper papers and evidence to support the claim. With the complexity of Arizona auto accident claims, it is advisable to involve an attorney to advance the result of your case in your favor.

In case you have been in a car accident and suffered injuries, it is important to get in touch with an experienced and competent attorney. An accident lawyer has the right knowledge and resources to seek compensation and ensure the protection of your rights.

The impact of an automobile accident can be especially devastating where there may be injuries that cause permanent disabilities or death. If you have lost a loved one or suffered permanent damage following an accident, you should consider hiring the services of a car accident lawyer to get compensation.

What is the maximum compensation after a car accident in Phoenix, AZ?

With the help of a competitive motor accident attorney, you can get compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and grief, mental distress, manufacturer’s liability, punitive injuries, illegal death, and loss of association. Your accident lawyer should help you understand the items that you deserve compensation for in your lawsuit.

How do I contact a car accident attorney in Phoenix, AZ?

The committed car accident attorneys at Warnock MacKinlay Law can help you determine if you have cause to file a lawsuit after a motor accident in Phoenix. It is advisable to record statements with insurance claim adjusters under the guidance of an experienced legal advisor.  

An auto accident lawyer will inform you of your rights and ensure that the police and investigators respect them throughout the duration of your car accident lawsuit.

Contact the experienced car accident attorneys at Warnock MacKinlay today for the best chance of receiving compensation for any injuries, death, and damages from auto accidents in Phoenix.

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