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The Accident Report Says It Wasn’t My Fault. Do I Still Need a Gilbert Car Accident Attorne?

So you obtained the police report for your Gilbert, AZ car accident and it clarifies that you were not at fault. You probably think that your statute as a victim is clear and you do not need a Gilbert car accident attorney. That could be true. However, you could be wrong, and your failure to seek legal help could prove costly.

Why Consult a Gilbert Car Accident Attorney No Matter What the Police Report Says?

1. Thorough Knowledge of the Law and Related Procedures

You know the law gives you the right to compensation. However, do you know what procedures you have to follow to obtain it? You have a limited amount of time to do so, and a huge pile of paperwork to complete. Theory is always simpler than practice, especially when it comes to insurance claims and court trials.

In order for an insurance company or a civil court to take you seriously, you have to show them you know the law. Unless you are ready to learn the Arizona insurance and car accident laws by heart, you should get help. Your Gilbert car accident attorney is versed in all these. It will be easy for them to do things that would take you time that you don’t have and huge efforts.

2. Help Gathering the Necessary Evidence

In order to obtain compensation after a car crash, proving your status as a victim is not enough. You need to show who was at fault for your accident and how the accident occurred. Hopefully, the police report covers that as well, but what if it does not?

You should make sure before deciding not to consult a car accident attorney. The latter could help you obtain the necessary evidence. Besides proving accident fault, you also have to document all your injuries and losses. Otherwise, you will not receive compensation. Your Gilbert car accident attorney covers that as well.

3. Compensation Estimate and Help with the Claim

Did you know that you could receive compensation for other losses than property damage and medical expenses? Depending on your case circumstances, you could be entitled to compensation for:

  • Lost income
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering (physical and emotional)
  • Loss of consortium
  • Disability adjustment expenses

Consulting a Gilbert car accident attorney is the best way to assess your rights and estimate the compensation you deserve. Do not forget that you will need to document your losses and suffering to obtain the corresponding compensation.

Gilbert car accident attorneys can help with that and much more. They will handle the compensation claim and all related procedures on your behalf. You will be able to move on with your life while they fight for your rights and interests.

4. Negotiations and Settlement Assistance

When the claimants have sufficient evidence, insurance companies prefer settlements to court trials. Sometimes, defendants will make settlement offers even during the trial. A settlement could get you the money you deserve faster and without further complications.

However, you have to keep in mind that the party offering to settle is pursuing their own interests. Their goal is to pay less and avoid hassles. It is up to you to decide if the offer is worth accepting or not. Discussing it with a Gilbert car accident attorney who has handled similar cases could help.

If you allow them, the latter can negotiate an even better settlement. Experienced car accident attorneys in Gilbert have excellent negotiation skills and know how to get more money for their clients. You will have to pay them for their services but it will be worth it.

Conclusion: Consult a Gilbert Car Accident Attorney No Matter What the Police Report Says!

Don’t let the police accident report dictate how you handle your case! Take matters into your own hands and examine all options before making a decision. Since many car accident lawyers in Gilbert, AZ offer free case reviews, you can get their opinion for free. Without it, you risk missing out on the above-described benefits and more.

This certainly holds true at Warnock MacKinlay Law. All you have to do is call 480-757-3211 and schedule a consultation. At your chosen date and time, our Gilbert car accident attorney will be there to answer your questions. They will check the police report, review your case details, and recommend the best course of action. Once you have heard their recommendations, you are free to decide if you continue on your own or with their help.

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