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What Type of Damages Can a Car Accident Lawyer in Surprise Recover?

Many people involved in car accidents in Surprise and the surroundings are unaware of their rights. They think that that they can only recover medical expenses and car repair costs. As a result, they file the claim themselves, without consulting a Surprise auto accident lawyer.

They attach the corresponding bills, and they often settle for even less than the value of those bills. This is a huge mistake. Arizona laws accept that a car accident affects the victims in other ways too, not just medically and financially. In fact, they prohibit limits to the amount a victim may recover as compensation for their losses.

They allow for many more types of damages besides car repairs and medical expenses. However, it is the victims’ responsibility to claim and prove those damages. If they turn to a Surprise auto accident lawyer for help, the latter will know what to do. When they act on their own, proper information is key. We will provide it in the following lines.

Types of Damages a Surprise Auto Accident Lawyer May Recover for Their Clients

1. Property Damages

Indeed, the most important category of property damages is car repair costs. However, these damages can cover more than the repair shop bill. For a new and severely damaged car, an experienced Surprise auto accident lawyer may be able to claim loss of value.

They may also recover the value or repair costs of any other assets damaged in the accident. Common examples include expensive professional equipment, laptops, smartphones, dashboard and windshield cameras, etc.

For example, land surveying equipment and professional video cameras can cost a fortune. It would not be fair for their owner to lose everything due to someone’s negligence. Of course, they will have to prove their presence in the car and the origins of the damage. Experienced attorneys will document the damage at the accident scene and, if, necessary, request technical expertise.

2. Medical Expenses

The value of these will depend on the severity of the injuries and the victim’s health insurance coverage. The key to having a clear assessment is for the victim to undergo a complete medical exam. The car accident claim can cover any or all of the following:

  • Ambulance fees
  • Doctor consultations
  • Treatment
  • Surgery
  • Recovery therapy
  • Medical devices and accessories
  • Home care, etc.

Since full accident recovery can take years in some cases, waiting that long to claim damages is not a solution. It is best to consult a Surprise auto accident lawyer and let them estimate future medical expenses.

3. Pain and Suffering

Accidents and related injuries sometimes bring about huge physical and mental torment. It could be physical pain, reaction to meds, or post-traumatic stress. An experienced Surprise auto accident lawyer will claim compensation for these as well. Depending on their ability to document pain and suffering, the corresponding compensation can reach huge amounts.

4. Lost Income and Earning Capacity

Car accidents often leave their victims unable to work for a while, sometimes even incapacitated. The money they lose and will no longer be able to earn as a result of the accident is subject to compensation. Again, solid evidence is necessary. Surprise car accident lawyers use pay stubs, employer recommendations, and income statistics for specific employment categories.

5. Disability Adjustments

Sometimes, accidents leave their victims disabled, and accommodating disability can be costly. The victim needs special medical devices, like a wheelchair, an automatic bed, walking frame, prosthetics, etc. They may need to install an elevator and support bars in their home. Perhaps they will also need home care services. All these expenses are subject to compensation. Again, it takes a knowledgeable Surprise auto accident lawyer to claim and document them.

The list could continue, but the message should already be clear. The best way to assess the value of a claim is to consult an experienced Surprise auto accident lawyer. They will review the case details, summarize already incurred expenses, and estimate future ones. They will compare the result with the value of similar claims they handled and advise their client accordingly.

Let an Experienced Surprise Auto Accident Lawyer Evaluate Your Claim

If you were the victim of a car accident, do not file your compensation claim without consulting a lawyer. You may neglect to claim important damages and lose a lot of money as a result. Once you have accepted a settlement or received a court verdict, there is nothing you can do.

At Warnock MacKinlay Law, we will review your case and help you evaluate your claim for free. All you need to do is call 623-299-2747, schedule a consultation, and show up with any case evidence. Our Surprise auto accident lawyer will analyze your case details and advise you of their findings.


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