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Aggressive Driving is the Cause of Numerous Accidents

Car accidents lead to thousands of injuries and fatalities in the United States each year. It is no different in Arizona. Rather drivers in Phoenix, AZ even have a reputation for being aggressive driving at high speeds. It seems like there is a crash on the highway every day.  Let’s look at the statistics to get a better picture.

According to the Arizona Department of Transport, in 2017, there were 127 064 vehicle crashes. They resulted in 1 000 fatalities and 55 474 injuries. Arizona’s largest city, Phoenix, was the location of 43 986 of these accidents. Phoenix recorded 243 road fatalities and 19 155 injuries. These figures show that car accidents disrupt many lives. The trend shows no signs of slowing down. As of October 30, 2018, Arizona had recorded 833 fatalities.

The obvious question many people will ask is why so many accidents occur on the roads of Phoenix, AZ. There are numerous reasons why car accidents occur. The most common are:

  • Distracted driving
  • Driver fatigue
  • Drunk driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Speeding
  • Poor road conditions
  • Reduced visibility due to weather conditions
  • Vehicle malfunction

What Phoenix Car Accident Lawyers Know About Accidents in Arizona

Risky behavior by drivers caused in excess of 90% of the crashes in Arizona in 2017. Risky behavior includes speeding, impaired driving, aggressive driving, and distracted driving. More than 43, 000 drivers were guilty of driving too fast for the road conditions. Crashes due to speeding accounted for 22, 158 injuries and 285 fatalities. Speeding is clearly a major problem in Arizona. With Phoenix being the largest, most trafficked city, many of the accidents occur there.

The lack of seat belt usage worsens the effects of these crashes. As you know, there are seat belt laws in force and these restraints help to save lives. Unfortunately, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost 2.75 million Americans don’t buckle up. In Arizona in 2017, 221 drivers and 91 passengers were not wearing seatbelts when they died. This is a major cause of concern for the authorities and Phoenix car accident attorney.

Car crashes in Phoenix, AZ and elsewhere in the state don’t just affect drivers and passengers. Pedestrians are also at risk. People walking on the roads in Arizona are more likely to be killed by a car than in 30 other states.  In 2017, pedestrians were involved in 1,702 crashes. Two hundred and twenty-six died and 1,510 suffered injuries. Most of them were crossing the road when a car hit them. Others were working on the road, working on a vehicle or pushing it, or embarking or disembarking a vehicle. Many of these accidents occurred because drivers were speeding or taking unnecessary risks on the road. Aggressive driving in Phoenix, AZ and elsewhere in Arizona has drastic consequences.

How an Auto Accident Attorney in Phoenix Can Help Following a Car Accident

Given the stats outlined above, it is likely that you will be involved in a crash in Phoenix, AZ someday. If you suffered injuries or your vehicle sustained significant damage, you will need a car accident attorney in Phoenix. Even insurance claims that seem straightforward can turn out to be complicated. If you have severe injuries, you won’t have the strength to fight on your own. It is best to hand your case over to a legal expert.

An auto accident attorney in Phoenix, AZ can help if the other driver’s insurer denied your claim. Insurance companies don’t like to pay out damages. If your claim is for a large sum, they may try hard to get you to accept a smaller settlement. They may even dispute whether you really sustained your injuries in the crash. It will be hard for you to fight an aggressive driver and their insurer without help. That’s why you need a car accident attorney in Phoenix, AZ. They can provide all the necessary proof and get you the compensation you deserve.

Sometimes even the best auto accident attorney is unable to reach a settlement with an insurer. This means you will have to go to court to get the sum you are due. The insurance company will have a full legal team so you need a competent lawyer by your side. Don’t attempt to argue your car accident case in court on your own. You may save money in legal fees but you may not win your case.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney in Phoenix If You Were Hit by an Aggressive Driver

Let a Phoenix car accident attorney at Warnock Mackinlay take on the aggressive driver and their insurer. At the very least, schedule a free initial consultation. We will listen to the facts of your case and answer any questions you may have. If you have been a victim of one of the many accidents in Phoenix, AZ contact us today.

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