Why Does Every Car Accident Lawyer in Yuma, AZ Recommend a Medical Evaluation?

Were you involved in a traffic accident in Yuma, AZ? Are you planning to get in touch with a Yuma auto accident attorney? If that is the case, congratulations are in order. A consultation with an auto accident attorney will help you assess your rights and options. It will also provide the advice and answers you need.

Even before contacting a Yuma auto accident attorney, you should undergo a medical exam. If you do not, the lawyer will surely request that you do. You should do so, even if you feel it is not necessary. There are several reasons for that. We will review the most important ones in the following lines.

4 Reasons Why a Yuma Auto Accident Attorney Will Recommend Medical Exams

1. For Their Clients’ Health and Safety

Any experienced Yuma auto accident attorney knows that crashes cause an adrenaline rush. Victims rarely feel any pain, and they usually get into a state of agitation and concern that causes them to neglect injury signs.

Moreover, some accident injuries start displaying symptoms only days after the accident. Left untreated, they can aggravate and even jeopardize the patient’s life. A timely medical exam is the best way to diagnose and adequately treat injuries.

2. To Get a Clearer Picture of the Case

There is a huge difference between property-damage-only and injury accident cases. The first type of cases is much easier to prove, and settling them is often just a matter of time. All a Yuma auto accident attorney needs is to prove fault and document the property damage. In many cases, the Yuma police accident report and a repair shop invoice are enough.

When it comes to injuries, many more types of losses come into play. Besides property damage and hospital bills, accident victims take time off work and lose money. They may remain disabled, develop depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. They may go through tremendous physical and emotional pain due to their injuries. All these are subject to compensation, and it is the job of a Yuma auto accident attorney to document them.

When taking over a case, most car accident attorneys will want to know what they are getting in. A medical report can help them gain a clearer image, and they will not hesitate to ask it from their client.

3. To Document Their Clients’ Injuries and Potential Losses

In Arizona accident cases, the burden of proof falls on the victim. In order to receive compensation, they need to show that:

  • The defendant of their compensation claim caused the accident by acting negligently or intentionally
  • They incurred damages and injuries that justify the value of their claim
  • Their injuries and damages would not have occurred had it not been for the defendant’s negligent or willful behavior

A medical exam report will not prove liability. However, it will document all injuries and provide further treatment recommendations. It will also identify the cause of the injuries. The accident victim may need further medical exams and treatments. However, they and their Yuma auto accident attorney will at least get an idea on what to expect.

4. To Avoid Seeing Their Client Lose Their Right to Compensation

Arizona laws foresee compensations for accident-related injuries and losses alone. If the accident injuries aggravate due to the victim’s negligence, the latter is responsible for the complications. Let’s say someone suffers a seemingly mild concussion they never treat.

The injury is actually more serious and ends up causing partial paralysis. The victim needs months of time off work, expensive surgery, and costly rehabilitation. In theory, the compensation should cover everything.

In practice, the defense can prove that all the complications were the responsibility of the victim. They could get an expert testimony that, diagnosed on time, the injury would have been easier to treat. They would probably end up paying for the basic treatment only, and blame the complications on the victim.

Of course, this is a simplified example to help you see things from a lawyer’s perspective. However, the conclusion remains: a medical exam after an accident benefits both the victim and the case. Any Yuma auto accident attorney will confirm that.

Discuss Your Medical Exam Results with a Knowledgeable Yuma Auto Accident Attorney!

If you were the victim of a car crash, your priority should be to see a doctor. They may say you got away unharmed, in which case you have a reason to celebrate. But if they discover injuries, you can take measures to recover and claim the corresponding losses. Once you have the results of your medical exam, call Warnock MacKinlay Law! Our Yuma auto accident attorney will review your case for free and provide the answers and guidance you need.

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