Woman Jumps Out of Moving Car because of a Spider

Some people have fears or phobias that can severely affect them and the people that they love. Such fears can make someone do something that they wouldn’t do in a normal situation. That’s what happened when a woman from Indiana spotted a spider on her shoulder. She became so upset that she jumped out of her moving vehicle – all while her 9-year-old son was still in the car!

After his mother had jumped from the vehicle, a bit of quick thinking had the boy in the driver’s seat, attempting to stop the car that was in reverse gear. Unfortunately, the boy hit the accelerator instead of the brakes, putting the car directly into the path of an oncoming school bus and causing an accident.

Fortunately, the school bus had no students on board at the time and the driver was not injured in the accident. The boy was taken to an area hospital with minor head injuries.

Everyone involved in this situation was extremely lucky. It could have ended up far worse and with someone seriously hurt. Accidents always seem to happen when you least expect them to. Recovering after the accident and dealing with the endless paperwork and other concerns can become overwhelming. That is where Warnock MacKinlay Law comes in. Nate is an attorney and he focuses on personal injury and accident cases in the state of Arizona.

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