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Yuma Car Accident Attorney Q&A: What Does It Take to Win?

As the victim of a car crash in Yuma, AZ, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses. However, actually obtaining the compensation you deserve is not that easy. If it were so easy to win a case, there would be no need for Yuma auto accident lawyers.

What is so challenging about car accident claims and what does it take to obtain compensation? No one knows that better than experienced Yuma car accident attorneys like us. Therefore, we will try to provide the answers you need in the following lines.

What It Takes to Win and How Yuma, AZ, Car Accident Lawyers Do It

The car accident compensation claim process is very challenging. It requires specific knowledge, experience, and skills. Any car accident lawyer possesses those but only a few average people do. Here are the most important ingredients for a winning compensation claim:

1. Legal Knowledge

You need to be familiar with or able to look up Arizona Statutes stipulations on:

  • Comparative negligence (to know how to assess and prove liability)
  • Statutes of limitations (to make sure you file your claim on time)
  • Traffic laws (to prove that the party at fault breached their duty of care)
  • Accident laws (to know how to act and what procedures to follow in case of an accident)
  • Insurance (to know what coverage is available and against whom to file the claim).

2. Investigation Skills

In order to obtain compensation for your losses you will have to prove that:

  • The defendant to your claim had the duty to act in a certain manner
  • They did not
  • Their behavior caused your losses
  • The value of your losses matches or justifies the value of your claims

Finding the necessary evidence will not be easy, and that is where investigation skills come in handy. Experienced car accident attorneys will dig up in the defendant’s past to discover previous wrongful behaviors.

They will go to the accident scene to look for new evidence they may use, like brake marks or surveillance cameras. If they think it helps, they will look up similar accident cases. They will carefully check your medical records to see what other medical bills to expect.

Doing all this successfully takes knowing where to look and attention to details. It also requires patience, as evidence is not always easy to find. You need to be patient and persistent. If you are not, the obvious solution is to entrust your case to an experienced Yuma auto accident attorney.

3. Accounting Skills

Laugh all you want but putting together a successful claim does require some accounting. The claim will need to cover several types of damages and expenses, such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Car repair costs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering, etc.

Some of these damages are easy to calculate, like already incurred medical bills. Others will require more complex calculations or estimates. If you are not good with numbers, you should let an experienced car accident lawyer assess the value of your claim.

4. Persuasion and Negotiation Skills

Whether you settle your accident claim with the insurance company or go to trial, you will need these skills. It will be up to you to convince the claim manager, the claim adjuster, or the court to approve your claim.

Obviously, the defendant to your claim will fight you and try to minimize their own losses. They will pick on every detail and do everything they can to convince you to accept lower compensation. Are you ready to negotiate and convince them to approve your terms?

If not, you should let an experienced car accident attorney do it. It would not be their first time at it, and they will surely do a better job than you could. And do not worry about them lacking motivation. Most auto accident lawyers work on a contingency fee, the most motivating remuneration form in the field.

They only get paid if they win, and their honorary represents a percentage of the compensation they obtain for you. It will obviously be in their best interest to fight for higher compensation, and they surely will.

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