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Underage Driver Dies Fleeing Police

twocarsdentedA 14-year-old who had been speeding away from a pursuit by Phoenix police officers has died after a crash.

According to the Phoenix police, the boy, identified as Alonzo Reyes III, 14, was in an SUV with other teens, died in a crash that happened near 67th Avenue and Buckeye Road in the early morning on Wednesday.

Police officers responded to a call at approximately 2:00 a.m. Wednesday. The officers did not find a scene but did spot an SUV that was driving with its lights off in the neighborhood.

Officer James Holmes said that officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver of the SUV fled the scene. Officers backed off from the chase, turning off their flashing lights. However, they later discovered the crashed vehicle.

The SUV was found crashed into a concrete block wall between two homes in the neighborhood. Police believe that the vehicle drove through several residential yards in the area causing damage to cable boxes and landscaping.

Officers say that three teens fled the scene. One of the teens was caught and detained by police.

The vehicle was found crashed into a block wall between two homes in the area. Police believe the vehicle drove through at least four residential yards, also damaging cable boxes and landscaping.

Three teens fled the scene, but one, another 14-year-old, was detained by police.

Investigators say that the SUV belongs to the parents of one of the teens who was later brought into a hospital with facial injuries sustained in the crash.


Every parent of a teen knows that sometimes their child can do irresponsible things. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare when their child, no matter how old is seriously hurt or worse.

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