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Three-Vehicle Accident in Phoenix

A total of seven people were injured in a three-vehicle accident that happened in Phoenix on Friday night.

According to Phoenix fire officials, the crash occurred at the intersection of 43rd Avenue and Osborn.

Two people in the accident were transported by ambulance to a level 1 trauma hospital. Most of the others injured in the crash reported only minor injuries and refused transportation to the hospital.

Police said that two people who had been involved in the crash fled the scene. One of the two was apprehended by law enforcement officers and was taken into custody. The other person is still at large.

In automobile accident cases, the final results of an investigation could take some time before it is clear as to what happened. Depending on the circumstances, those who fled the scene of the accident could be facing substantial fines as well as jail time for leaving the scene before they were cleared to go by police.

For anyone involved in an accident, fleeing the scene can hold very serious consequences. Not only there will be criminal charges to face, but also civil liabilities if anyone was hurt or killed.

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