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The Most Dangerous Roads for Motorcycle Riders in Arizona: Where Accidents Most Happen

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Arizona’s stunning surroundings and year-round pleasant weather make motorcycle riding an exciting and well-liked form of transportation. However, riding a motorcycle in the Grand Canyon State comes with certain risks. Over the years, Arizona has experienced a steady rise in the number of motorcycle accidents, with some roads proving to be worse than others for motorcycle riders.

Arizona’s Increasing Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Before we go into particular roads, we need to understand the scale of the problem. Like many other states, Arizona has seen a troubling increase in motorcycle accidents.
Here’s what the numbers looked like, according to a recent report from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT):

  • There were 2,911 motorcycle accidents in 2022.
  • Of these motorcycle crashes, 230 ended in fatalities.
  • 2,262 motorcycle accidents resulted in injuries.

Hence, motorcycle riders must be aware of the most dangerous roads because this is a big rise from previous years:

The Notorious I-10

One of the most perilous highways for motorcycle riders in Arizona is Interstate 10 (I-10). Stretching across the southern part of the state, I-10 is a major transportation artery. Its high-speed limits and heavy traffic contribute to its reputation as a dangerous road for riders.
A study by the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety revealed that I-10 consistently records a high number of motorcycle accidents. Another thing that motorcyclists should look out for, are the drunk drivers who frequently pass by this route.

State Route 89A: A Scenic yet Dangerous Route

The State Route 89A offers riders breathtaking views of Sedona’s red rock formations and the Oak Creek Canyon. It’s also considered a treacherous road with its winding, mountainous terrain. Thus, this highway can pose challenges to even the most experienced riders. According to ADOT data, this route has seen its fair share of motorcycle accidents, especially during the busy tourist season.

The Infamous US-93

US-93, which connects Phoenix to Las Vegas, has gained notoriety for its motorcycle accidents. This highway is known for its long stretches of straight road, where riders may be tempted to speed. The combination of high speeds and inattentive drivers can lead to devastating accidents, making US-93 a road to exercise extreme caution on.

State Route 77

This is another treacherous road for motorcycle riders. Traversing this steep and winding route can be challenging, especially at times when there is limited visibility.

Highway 60

Stretching from Phoenix to New Mexico, Highway 60 is also an accident-prone area. Motorcycle riders should maintain safe speed while going through this narrow and hazardous road.

Legal Considerations for Motorcycle Accident Victims

When accidents occur on these dangerous roads, motorcycle riders must navigate the legal aftermath. However, establishing liability and seeking compensation for injuries can be complex. Here are some key legal considerations:

a. Negligence: Proving negligence on the part of another driver is a must in obtaining compensation. Riders may need to gather evidence such as witness statements, police reports, and accident reconstruction.
b. Insurance: Understanding an insurance policy, including underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage, is essential for motorcycle riders. It can significantly impact the compensation available in case of an accident.
c. Helmet Laws: Arizona has relatively relaxed helmet laws, but it’s important to be aware of the requirements and their potential impact on injury claims.
d. Statute of Limitations: Motorcycle accident victims should be aware of the statute of limitations for filing personal injury claims in Arizona, typically two years from the date of the accident.


Motorcycle riders are drawn to Arizona’s wide roads and scenic beauty. However, it’s important to always be cautious, especially on the roads described above. The rising number of motorcycle accidents in the state serves as a reminder of the importance of safe riding habits.
If you or someone you know has been hurt in a motorbike accident on one of these risky roads, you should seek legal advice immediately. If the injuries were caused by someone else’s fault, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you obtain the compensation that you deserve.

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