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Settlement Values for Second-Degree Burns in Phoenix, Arizona

Many people in Phoenix, Arizona work in industries where the potential to develop a second-degree burn is always present. But what exactly are second-degree burns?

A second-degree burn is far more serious than a first-degree burn because the damage caused usually involves the deep layers of skin. The seriousness of second-degree burns depends on the part of the body that is affected. For example, a second-degree burn on the face is far more serious than one on the leg.

Second-degree burns on the face can affect the eyes, lips, and nose and can result in deformity. Unlike a first degree burn, most second degree burns require admission to a hospital. Most people need emergency treatment because the pain can be intense and there may also be blistering of the skin.

In addition to the significant pain, redness, and blistering, patients can develop shock if a large surface of the skin is involved. These blisters can pop and discharge fluid. In some cases, the burn site can become infected.

Recovery from second-degree burn injuries is much more prolonged than a first-degree burn. Pain can last for weeks or even months. The redness may take weeks to disappear, and the burnt skin may require grafts. This means undergoing surgery and taking skin from one part of the body and placing it on the burnt skin. Skin grafting requires hospital admission for a few weeks.

If the second-degree burn occurs in the extremities, it may limit muscle function. If it involves the face, it may affect vision, ability to eat, or even the ability to breathe. While most second-degree burns can heal within 3-4 weeks, some may take months to recover from these burn injuries fully.

Causes of Second-Degree Burn Injuries

Second-Degree Burns Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona
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The most common causes of second-degree burns include exposure to hot liquids, caustic chemicals, hot objects, electrical injury, explosions, or fire. People suffering from these types of burn injuries require regular dressing and cleansing to prevent infections. They also need to be followed up by a burn specialist so that their healing process is less complicated.

Settlements for Second Degree Burn Injuries in Phoenix, AZ

For people who have suffered second-degree burns in Phoenix, Arizona, the settlement value is vastly different in comparison to a first-degree burn. Since second-degree burns are serious, the compensation is higher.

People with serious burn injuries need to take time off work so that they can recover. This period may vary from a few weeks to a few months. If the burn was on the joints, it might limit function. For example, if you suffer second-degree burns on your elbow, it may restrict movement. You may need rehabilitation to regain the strength and range of mobility.

An important factor that will help determine your compensation is the extent of the burn injuries. If you have burn injuries on your legs, arms, and torso, you will receive more compensation than if just the chest was involved. Most people with second-degree burns need specialized care from a burn professional. All these factors are considered when determining compensation for burn victims.

Consult with an Arizona Burn Injury Lawyer About Seeking Compensation for Second-Degree Burns

At Warnock MacKinlay Law, our personal injury lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona have helped numerous clients recover damages for burn injuries. It is our commitment to offer you legal representation that is geared towards providing you the results you deserve so that you can recover the financial costs that you have incurred because of your injuries.

If you are a victim of second-degree burns in Phoenix, AZ and need legal advice, you should contact us today. Our lawyers are always here to provide you with the answers you need with respect to the settlement process, the duration, the required documentation and evidence and other similar elements. Your initial consultation is absolutely free, and you don’t even have to pay any legal fees unless we recover your money first. We believe in client satisfaction and we understand that after the pain and trauma of burn injuries, the last thing you need is legal complications.

Second-degree burns can be very serious. They can cause both physical and emotional pain as the trauma of scarring, deformity and long-term pain can be intimidating. We are always here to help you deal with the consequences of such injuries because we understand that your priority should be to recover as quickly as possible. Call us today at 602-600-6427 and our legal team will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.

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