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School Bus Fight Hospitalizes One

A student needed to be hospitalized after she was brutally beaten aboard a Jackson Public School bus. The student that beat her is now in custody.

According to authorities, the injured student, Shaniyahl Arterberry, a sophomore at JPS isn’t the first that’s happened. This is just the latest in repeated bullying incidents at the hands of an upperclassman.

The incident happened on Thursday after classes let out at Lanier High School when the bully who had targeted her before, calling her names and saying he was about to “torture” her and took her cellphone.

After the altercation, the 15-year-pld Shaniyahl was transported to an area hospital, severely beaten around the face, especially around her eyes which remain swollen. While her vision has returned, she will require surgery on her right eye.

Shanihahl’s grandmother is very upset that neither the bus driver nor school officials called the police or an ambulance after the incident. A frantic classmate was the one who called Alvergia Gary to come to the school. When she arrived to see her granddaughter covered in blood, Gary asked school officials if they had notified the police. They told Gary they had not, waiting for her to arrive.

In spite of an official statement made by the school that violence will not be tolerated, and that the 11th grader who attacked Shaniyahl has been arrested in connection with the incident, Gary said she does not want to send her granddaughter up there because “That school is out of control. To me the students they are horrible,” she said in an interview.

Gary has pressed charges against the 11th grader for having attacked her granddaughter.

The male student is now facing charges of aggravated assault.

No parent or guardian should ever have to worry whether or not their child is going to be hurt going to and from school. It can be a nightmare if a child is hurt, or is on the wrong end of violence. When that happens, the person or persons responsible should be held accountable.

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