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One of the most dangerous occupations, construction work, leads to numerous injuries every year. As a construction worker, you face potential dangers and risky situations regularly. Construction workers have a higher rate of deaths and injuries because of the dangers faced at work regularly. Every year, hundreds of thousands of construction workers across the country are injured every year. More than 1,000 deaths result on the job at construction sites every year. Phoenix construction accident attorney Warnock MacKinlay Law has represented numerous construction workers hurt on the job and has been successful in helping them get settlements to help cover their losses.

Common Causes of Construction Accidents

There are dozens of causes of construction accidents. Some construction accidents are the result of the construction company’s negligence or failure to properly maintain equipment. Many construction accidents could be prevented, but unfortunately, they continue to happen time and time again. Here are some of the more common causes of injuries for construction workers:

  • Falling objects
  • Falls from ladders
  • Explosions
  • Fires
  • Falls from scaffolding
  • Electrocution
  • Toxic vapors or fumes
  • Malfunctioning machines or products
  • Construction vehicle accidents, such as dump trucks or forklifts
  • Power tool accidents
  • Injuries from lifting

Phoenix Construction Accidents and Arizona Law

While circumstances might vary, accidents on Phoenix AZ construction sites might fall under the Arizona State workers’ compensation laws. The construction worker’s ability to recover damages

Construction Accident Lawyer in Phoenix AZ
The Phoenix Construction Accident Attorney, Warnock MacKinlay Law, can help you with your claim

might fall under those workers’ compensation laws, which entitle the injured worker to receive the medical care that is needed as well as other financial benefits. In some cases, a construction worker might be injured in an accident that was caused by a third-party.

Third-party liability is usually not subjected to workers’ compensation laws, so the third-party might be held liable for injuries that you suffered. If you have suffered injuries while on a construction site or around a construction site and you are not an employee of the construction company, you might be able to recover damages from the construction company through a personal injury claim.

Nate will assess your situation and determine what went wrong and how you were injured. He will then know how to proceed with your claim so you can get the compensation you deserve. You will need these funds to help with any medical expenses, past and future lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional and mental trauma, and any other damages that you might have incurred.

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Nathaniel B. Preston is an experienced construction accident attorney. Nate is dedicated to helping victims get the compensation deserved for injuries sustained in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Your initial consultation for your case is free, and you won’t be giving Nate a cent unless he recovers a settlement for you first.

If you or a loved one has suffered a construction-related injury in the greater Phoenix area, schedule your free case evaluation with Nate today by filling out the online contact form or by calling his office at (602) 600-6427. He has successfully helped many other victims of construction-related accidents get compensated for their injuries.


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