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Statistics from different transportation organizations show that traveling by plane is much safer than traveling by car. Planes are the safest form of transportation available. But with that being said, aviation accidents almost always have devastating results despite them being much less frequent. Most airplane crashes result in the loss of life, and unfortunately, survivors often suffer serious injuries, such as disfiguring burns and life-altering amputations that will impact the rest of their lives. If you have suffered serious injuries in a plane crash, contact experienced Phoenix aviation accident attorney Nathaniel B. Preston (“Nate”). Nate will help you pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. He will seek damages for the injuries you suffered in the aviation accident, whether you were in a plane or helicopter.

Factors That Are Known to Contribute to Aviation Accidents

  • Bad weather
  • Failure to communicate or air traffic mistakes
  • Inexperienced pilot or pilot error
  • Defective accessories or products
  • Mechanical failure
  • Irregular or incomplete inspections
  • Neglecting regular airplane maintenance

Hiring a Qualified Attorney is Important for Your Claim

If you have suffered injuries in a plane crash or an aviation accident has led to the death of a loved one, legal representation that is caring and compassionate can significantly improve your chances of recovering your damages and being awarded fair compensation. Those who have suffered injuries in a Phoenix aviation accident might suffer multiple kinds of damages. Your medical bills might add up very fast because of much-needed surgical procedures, physical therapy, and rehabilitation needs as well as prescription medication and the need for mobility devices. You might also be unable to work, so you are suffering from a loss of income. You may even need a personal caregiver to help you as you recover. An experienced personal injury attorney will pursue

Aviation Accident Attorney in Phoenix AZ
The Aviation Accident Attorney, Warnock MacKinlay Law, helps victims with their claims

the damages that you are entitled to receive for your injuries.

Lawsuits resulting from aviation accidents are usually very complex because of the intensive investigation required. Experts will be needed to support any claims through testimony. Lawyer Warnock MacKinlay Law is aware of all these pressures and challenges and can provide you with the sound legal advice you need. He will help you make the right decisions in regard to your pursuit of damages for your aviation accident injury claim. He will determine the damages you suffered and how much you should get for those losses.

Free Initial Consultation – Call Phoenix Aviation Accident Attorney Warnock MacKinlay Law

Nate is dedicated to helping those who have suffered losses recover the damages to which they are entitled. He will help you get the compensation that you need to continue with life after an aviation accident. Your initial case consultation is free. Plus, you don’t pay anything at all unless Nate recovers money for you through a settlement or lawsuit.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or damages because of an aviation accident in Phoenix, call Nate to schedule a free case evaluation. Call (602) 600-6427 today or complete the online contact form. Nathaniel B. Preston provides experienced aviation accident representation throughout several areas of Arizona.


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