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Phoenix Personal Injury Laws and Driving Drowsy

A news team in Arizona recently did a report on the drowsy driving problem that is growing. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave some unusual data to be shared. Nearly 100,000 car accidents each year are due to drowsy driving, according to this data. Of those accidents, there are 1,500 deaths and 71,000 major injuries per year. Drowsy driving accidents caused over 12 billion dollars in loses.

Phoenix Has A Growing Problem Of Drowsy Driving

Drivers thinking that they can still drive through sleepiness is one of the main reasons that Phoenix and other states have a problem with drowsy driving. Eliminating sleepiness while driving is not guaranteed by caffeine and energy drinks just because they give you a boost in many other ways. When drivers start to really understand how severe this is, maybe these bad injuries and accidents will happen less often.

Three Solutions for Driving Drowsy

The best thing to remember when planning a road trip is to always map out your route to avoid becoming drowsy behind the wheel. When going on a road trips always leave yourself plenty of extra time to stop for breaks or to get some sleep so you do not feel added pressure to make it there in a short amount of time. Another good idea is ride with someone so you can switch between both of you. Trading off is one of the most effective ways to stay safe when driving long distances. If you ever feel drowsy, never hesitate to pull over or stop at a rest stop or side of the road to take a nap until you feel ready to keep traveling. Even driving a short distance through Arizona applies. By following these steps, the driver and others around will remain safe.

What You Should Do After A Drowsy Driving Car Wreck

Even though being educated about the issue will encourage drivers to be careful with sleepiness while driving, unfortunately there are no tools that can be used by police officers to detect sleepy or tired drivers. Many people in Arizona and the rest of the country will continue to be injured in drowsy driving accidents because of this.

If you’re injured in an accident involving a driver that is drowsy, car damages and medical bills can get very expensive. You’re going to want to pay close attention to your recovery, so contact a Phoenix personal injury lawyer to help with the financial strain that may come with your injury.

Getting clients fairly compensated is what Phoenix personal injury attorney specialize in. By getting representation like this, you will at all times know that your best interest is being protected. Not only does a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix not get paid until they’ve secured fair compensation for you, but they will also work extremely hard to do so for you. This means that you don’t have to worry about paying for legal fees out of pocket and still get knowledgeable representation for your personal injury case in Phoenix.

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