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Passenger Injured Severely in Rollover Crash

A man has been arrested for his role in an accident in the early morning hours on April 21st.

According to court documents, Fredrick Dick Jr., 25, of Tempe, lost control of his vehicle as he was traveling eastbound on Mill Avenue near Forest Avenue.

Records indicate that Dick’s vehicle struck the curb, and then went over the sidewalk and hitting a wall before rolling over, landing on the passenger side of the vehicle.

The passenger who had been riding in the vehicle along with Dick was ejected from the car and suffered severe injuries including broken ribs, and a lacerated spleen and colon.

Police said that Dick had to be extricated from the crashed vehicle and was treated for minor injuries. Just prior to the accident, Dick allegedly told police in an interview that he drank six pints of beer just an hour before the accident.

Dick has been charged with aggravated assault.

Anyone can have a momentary lapse in judgement and make a mistake. Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after drinking is never a good idea. When speed is added to the equation, the results can be dangerous or even tragic.

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