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Latest Driving Apps for Road Safety

driving apps


Driving apps, at first glance, may remind you of the dangers of cell phone usage behind the wheel. In Arizona, for example, it is now illegal for drivers to hold their phones while driving. Yet, as we discussed in our blog years ago, data and tech can prevent distracted driving.

In fact, some driving apps exist to promote road safety. Others have included a few more capabilities such as emergency assistance, which is very useful for road accidents. Hence, using these apps may not only encourage you to become a safer driver but ultimately save your life as well.

We compiled some of the latest driving apps which are still available for download today:


Lifesaver driving apps


LifeSaver-Distracted Driving protects drivers with its distracted driving technology. We recommend LifeSaver for families who are looking for driving apps that can check their driving habits. Parents can lock their teen’s cell phone while the car is in driving mode. It also has a feature that notifies when loved ones arrive at their destination safely. Its Safe Drive Mode also takes note of violations. A dashboard records safe drive times and compiles them into a monthly score. This system encourages proper driving habits, especially for new drivers.

LifeSaver Mobile is one of the driving apps which works best for companies. With its platform features geared toward fleet safety, LifeSaver is a must for commercial drivers. We all know how dangerous trucks and large vehicles can be. This app automatically detects vehicle movement and blocks cell phone use immediately.

Moreover, it allows hands-free calls and map navigation. With its driver feedback feature, it makes drivers aware of their improper behavior. LifeSaver sends speeding alerts and other performance scores to managers, making it great for fleet monitoring.




Drivemode is one of the most well-known driving apps these days. It streamlines calling and texting into voice-enabled commands. Through its simplified interface, you can answer calls and hear messages while driving. Hence, you can safely communicate behind the wheel. There is a voice-to-text feature, which can be useful if you really need to respond immediately. In addition, if you receive multiple text messages from the same sender, it sends an automatic reply. It notifies the sender that you are currently driving, which in turn makes you safer on the road. Drivemode app detects vehicle movement. Its intuitive system launches shortly when you start driving and shuts down once you stop or park the car.

A version of this app, Drivemode Dash, provides access for iOS users. This version integrates Apple Maps and Apple Music on its interface.


OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid


OnMyWay differentiates itself from other anti-distracted driving apps with its rewards system. It promises drivers who drive safely with incentives. With every mile driven without texting, drivers may receive compensation. Perks include cash cards, free gas, gift cards, local food coupons, travel deals, and even NFTs. Now that’s a fun way to avoid texting behind the wheel, isn’t it?

OnMyWay automatically activates when the vehicle exceeds 10MPH. It works in the background and keeps the cell phone locked while the vehicle is in motion. At the time of this writing, the app claims that it has already saved over 188 lives. From its database, OnMyWay has also prevented more than 28,878 car crashes. This app works on both iOS and Android devices.




SAFE 2 SAVE is similar to other driving apps that use incentives for good behavior. It uses a scoring system that awards points for undistracted driving. Accumulated points are redeemable at local restaurants and businesses.

Users say that installing SAFE 2 SAVE helped them change their habit of texting while driving. The app promotes safety awareness by counting distractions. Points go down when the driver is holding the phone while the vehicle is moving.

What’s even more fun, is that SAFE 2 SAVE encourages family and friends to join the safe driving movement. One of the app’s features is a competition to see who can earn the most points. Best of all, this app runs in the background. Thus, it is still possible to play music and use maps while the app is active.


Life360: Find Family & Friends


A GPS phone locator and tracker, Life360 is truly a must-have app. It offers more than just location tracking. One of its best features is the Family Driving Summary, where speeding and phone usage are recorded while driving. Thus, it encourages you to correct risky driving behaviors.

Life360 is a membership-based app. Ranging from the type of plan you signed up for, a range of features may include any of the following:

  • Tile Bluetooth tracking compatibility
  • Emergency alerts with your location to family members
  • Accident/ crash detection
  • 24/7 emergency dispatch after crash detection
  • Location History
  • Family Safety Assist with real-time support in any situation
  • Identity theft protection

Premium-paid subscribers may receive additional perks such as:

  • Stolen fund reimbursement
  • Free towing up to 50 miles
  • Coverage for a stolen phone
  • Travel support with disaster assistance




Safe driving apps like Zenroad offer a wide range of capabilities. Aside from tracking your location and driving habits, it can also function as a vehicle logbook.

Zenroad can help you become a better driver with features such as:

  • Vehicle usage analytics to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  • Driving behavior tracking to curb harsh braking and risky acceleration
  • Stats leaderboard to motivate family and friends to adopt safer driving techniques
  • Go Eco telematics to help reduce your vehicle emissions


Among the latest driving apps that prevent distraction is This mobile application reads text messages and emails aloud in real-time. Without touching your mobile phone, it has an auto-responder feature that you can customize. Its one-touch activation system provides an uncomplicated setup, letting you use it promptly upon installation. Moreover, is compatible with Bluetooth and radio transmitters, making it a perfect hands-free application. Aside from being a flexible app, it has a lightweight memory that will not easily drain the phone’s battery.


No Texting While Driving


Formerly known as TextDrive, No Texting While Driving is an autoresponder for situations where you cannot reply. Primarily designed for driving, this app also caters to general phone management needs.

Upon activation, it offers the following features:

  • Read incoming SMS, chat messages, and emails out aloud (including Facebook, Gmail, and WhatsApp)
  • Send replies using voice commands (text to speech)
  • Filter/block incoming callers according to urgency and frequency
  • Provide automatic replies to phone contacts

It may take a while for a new user to understand the functions of this app. But after customizing its configuration settings, this app works well with most Android devices.




From the makers of the Truemotion family app comes Openroad, its improved version. Driving apps like this provide your loved ones with peace of mind. By sharing your exact location in the event of a crash, you get the help you need quickly. Once the app detects a collision, it sends alerts to trained responders in the area. Openroad agents promptly check and dispatch emergency services to the accident scene.

The app also keeps track of driving behavior. It provides a rating and informs how safely  you have driven for the last five days. To improve your score, you need to avoid distractions such as texts and calls while driving. Openroad also records aggressive acceleration, speeding, and other dangerous habits behind the wheel.


An Alternative to Driving Apps


Since safe driving apps usually use GPS, most of them may affect battery usage. If you are not keen on adding another app to your phone, then you may opt to use this alternative. Did you know that most, if not all, mobile phones have a “Do Not Disturb” feature? Using this or the “car mode” may also help you prevent distracted driving.

On Android devices:

  1. Check your phone settings, or swipe down the screen.
  2. Tap the “Do Not Disturb” icon, “silent mode”, or a similar function in Notification settings.
  3. Select how long you want the setting to remain active.
  4. You can mute sounds, vibrations, and alerts before driving.

On Apple devices:

  1. Go to “Settings”, then select “Focus”.
  2. Tap the moon icon, “Do Not Disturb”.
  3. If you wish to turn it on automatically, you can set this feature to activate at a certain time and location.
  4. Calls, alerts, and notifications are now on silent while DND is active.


These are just some of the driving apps geared toward road safety. You may find a wide range of similar apps available on downloading platforms. So, you see, there is no excuse for texting and calling while driving. If you or any of your loved ones have been injured by a distracted driver, we can assist you. Our experienced team of accident lawyers is ready to hold the distracted driver accountable for his/her negligence. Call us today at 602-600-6427.


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