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Yuma Car Accident Lawyers’ Disclosures: How Defendants Approach High-Claims

Yuma car accident claims involving significant property damage and severe injuries can reach huge amounts. It goes without saying that the defendants will do everything in their power to avoid paying. When that is not possible, they will channel their efforts on diminishing claim value. If you want to stand a chance, your best bet is to work with a Yuma car accident lawyer.

To better understand how the latter may help, a closer look at how defendants think and act should be useful. Keep in mind that the defendant to your claim will most likely be a reputable insurance company. They will surely have versed claim adjusters and experienced car accident attorneys representing their interests. Here’s what you should expect:

Defendant Strategies or Why Claimants Need a Yuma Auto Accident Attorney

1. Provide Delayed Answers

Insurers know how costly repairing a car and treating accident injuries can be. They know you need money fast, and they will delay paying it as much as they can. Why?

On one hand, they probably have their money invested. The more that money stays invested, the higher returns it will yield.

On the other hand, they want you to get desperate. Desperate and in debt, you are more likely to make mistakes and accept detrimental settlements.

2. Deny Claims

Insurers will use any excuse possible to deny your claim. You can expect them to pick on any detail, from missing information to procedural errors.

Since insurance claim procedures are quite complex, chances are you will make some mistakes. Working with a Yuma auto accident lawyer would be the best way to avoid them.

Insurers also hope that, if they deny your claim, you will accept their verdict and not appeal it. You should not. Instead, find out why they denied your claim and eliminate the reasons behind their denial.

Correct your mistakes, provide the requested explanations, and point out their own mistakes. They will see you are not easy to fool and, hopefully, accept your claim.

If they continue to deny you compensation, you can appeal their decision with the Arizona Department of Insurance. If that does not convince them to pay your claim, filing a court trial should.

Of course, all these involve additional formalities that can be a challenge for some. For an experienced Yuma car accident attorney, they are part of everyday routine.

3. Blame the Claimant

All insurers will try to take advantage of Arizona Statutes Section 12-2505 referring to comparative negligence. According to it, if the claimant shares fault for their injuries, their claim value will be reduced comparatively.

As a claimant, you should always expect the defendant to attribute some of the accident fault to you. They may even try to convince you that, if you share fault, you lose your right to compensation.

Do not fall for their tricks. Sure, you will have to prove your tortfeasor’s liability and your own innocence.  However, what matters is that you will eventually get paid.

4. Offer Low Settlements

After exhausting the above strategies, insurers will throw a settlement offer your way. It will almost always be for much less than you deserve. Their hope is that, in-debt and tired of all the hassles, you will take it.

You should not. Once you accept a settlement, there is no going back. The least you can do is consult a Yuma auto accident attorney.

They will review your claim and tell you if the settlement is worth accepting. If not, you can always complain with the Department of Insurance or go to trial.

How a Car Accident Lawyer in Yuma, AZ, Can Help You Counteract Insurers’ Strategies

Insurers know lawyers and are well aware of their skills and resources. Even if they are not, these become apparent in the insurance claim.

With no mistakes or details to pick on and solid evidence supporting your claim, the insurer has to accept it. They will surely to that if they know your auto accident lawyer is not afraid to go to trial.

Of course, their reaction to your claim will depend on the reputation, experience, and skills of your attorney.

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