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Four Injured in I-395 Crash

policecarturnAn accident on Interstate 395 has left four people injured. Among those injured are three Metro Transit Police officers. All accident victims were transported to the hospital after the crash.

A spokesperson with the Metro Transit Police released a statement saying that the chain reaction crash occurred Saturday night after a woman stopped her car on the Interstate. Police had been responding to an emergency call in Fairfax County when the vehicle slowed down and stopped on the highway. Police attempted to swerve their vehicles to avoid crashing into the stopped vehicle, one of them striking the other cruiser in the process. One police cruiser struck the stopped vehicle while yet another ran off the roadway and struck a Jersey wall.

Mary H. Daniel has been charged by police with stopping on a highway.

Daniel and the officers injured in the crash were all taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Until the investigation is concluded, it will simply be unknown what caused this accident. If someone has been drinking before getting behind the wheel, that person may become confused and do something completely inexplicable such as stopping in the middle of the road as this woman did.

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