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Emergency Slide Falls Out of Airplane

A crazy airplane accident has the local community raising questions about the safety of some of Boeing’s airplanes. An emergency slide fell out of a 767 aircraft and landed on a Mesa home. It has been discovered that warnings about problems with the slides were issued eight years ago by the FAA.

The heavy slide didn’t injure anyone, but it did cause property damage. The heavy slide inflated while the plane was mid-air and ejected. The owner of the plane, Atlas Air, said no one on the plane was in any danger.

However, if the slide had hit someone they would have almost certainly be killed. The sled’s weight required three people to lift it up.

The FAA’s warning applied to 355 aircraft, but it is unknown whether or not the plane involved int his incident was part of that recall. The community is seeking more information.

Freak accidents like this still have a cause, and if someone is responsible for it, they must pay for what has happened. If you have been injured in a freak accident, seek help. Call Warnock MacKinlay Law for a free consultation. His years of experience serving the Phoenix area community will aid you in getting the compensation you deserve. Call today.

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