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Dos and Don’ts before Consulting an Avondale Car Accident Lawyer

If you get involved in a car crash in Maricopa County, you will face difficult times. The best strategy to ease some of the burdens and avoid stress is to hire an Avondale car accident lawyer. Hopefully, they can come to the scene to defend your interests.

Unfortunately, accidents happen at unusual hours, and the best attorneys are always busy. They may be traveling for another case or representing clients in a court hearing. You need to be prepared to manage on your own.

This means having two checklists ready to follow immediately after the accident: things to do and things to avoid. We’ll review those lists and related motivations n the following lines.

Accident Aftermath Dos – Things to Do before Consulting an Avondale Car Accident Attorney

Stop at the accident scene or as close to it as possible

It is a requirement of Arizona law. Failure to comply with it can result in fines, imprisonment, and drivers’ license suspension.

Clear the carriageway to avoid impeding traffic

This requirement only applies to accidents involving damages only. In case of injuries, do not move the cars until the law enforcement officers have concluded their investigation.

Request medical assistance or drive the injured to the hospital

Do not forget to request medical assistance for yourself as well and return to the accident scene.

Report the accident to the police

This is a legal requirement for accidents resulting in damages higher than $1,000, injuries, or citations. The law enforcement officers will come to investigate and prepare a report themselves. Their report is the first document an Avondale auto accident lawyer wants to see when reviewing a case.

Provide and gather information

Arizona law requests anyone involved in an accident here to provide their data to the other parties. The respective data should include contact details, insurance, and driver’s license information. You should collect the same data, to know with whom to file the compensation claim and who can testify for you.

Write down everything you see and hear, and take photos and recordings of the scene

In order to recover your losses, you will need evidence that is mostly available at the scene. Pay special attention to vehicle position and lights, speedometer, any mobile devices that the driver may have used for texting.

Keep to yourself and avoid unnecessary discussions or conflicts

Insurance agents and car accident lawyers may try to take advantage of your confusion. They will try to get you to admit fault, apologize, sign right waivers or things like that. Only answer police questions, as briefly and to the point as possible.

Get a complete medical evaluation

If you incurred injuries due to another party’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation. In order to obtain it, you will need evidence of your injuries and related losses. A medical exam can provide a clear assessment of your injuries and guidance for treating them.

Accident Aftermath Don’ts – Mistakes to Avoid until Consulting an Avondale Auto Accident Attorney

These are actually closely related to the above checklist. Failing to do the things mentioned above would be a mistake. Therefore, under no circumstances should you:

  • Leave the accident scene
  • Risk causing another accident
  • Jeopardize the lives of others
  • Deny your contact and insurance information to the other parties involved and fail to request theirs
  • Neglect gathering evidence
  • Assume fault or apologize
  • Start a fight or discuss case details
  • Sign documents without reading and consulting an auto accident lawyer in Avondale
  • Postpone or neglect to get a complete medical exam

Another huge mistake is to wait too long before contacting a lawyer. Indeed, the statute of limitations is for two years. However, the deadline refers to civil court lawsuits. This should be your last resort, in case your insurance claim is denied.

The insurance claim process can take several months, and preparing it takes time as well. Therefore, get started as soon as possible.

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