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Distracted Driving While Playing Pokémon Go Can Cause Accidents

If you are living in the Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix, Arizona, and were involved in an auto accident due to a driver that recklessly drove his/her car while playing Pokémon Go, you are entitled for damages. The game became such a hit on the market, that you could find players of all ages playing the game literally on the streets across the country. Results from research by JAMA Internal Medicine showed that there were more than fourteen collisions within a ten day period as a result of the game. Worse yet, more individuals were playing the game while they were driving on the highway, without thinking or realizing that they could cause a potential serious car accident. Unfortunately, not everybody is lucky and several innocent bystanders and pedestrians have paid the heavy price with their lives because of the poor driving habits of drivers playing games on their smartphones.

Though the accident laws tend to vary slightly from state to state in the United States of America, the federal government has come down critically on irresponsible driving. Drunk driving and playing games is almost the same thing. Distracted driving often has the same results as that of drunk driving. People die! The mind of the player is elsewhere and not behind the wheel, where it is should be any time an individual is operating a motor vehicle. Innocent drivers, motorists, pedestrians, and bystanders become sitting ducks due to this kind of reckless driving. Per data, which is available with the U.S census, more than 10,000 people died due to car accidents where the drivers were busy using their smart phones.

It is not known whether the driver was playing the games or using their smartphone for some other purpose, but the result is the same. Now, as a car accident victim, you are suffering from injuries and unable to go to work or be as mobile as you were before the car accident.

There are rules and regulations for the protection of the injured party. The plaintiff or victim can file a lawsuit against the makers of the game or developer of the app, which the driver was using, and receive adequate compensation. When you file the case through an experienced lawyer, then chances are greatly increased for you to be able to receive money for your damages.

The only good news is that the Pokémon Go app has introduced a feature which requires the player to acknowledge that they are the passenger and not operating a vehicle at the time of game play. The feature also can track the speed to warn the players. Unfortunately, the damage, in most cases, has already occurred.

Things to consider when hiring a personal injury lawyer in Arizona 

When you are living in Scottsdale, Mesa, or Phoenix, Arizona and are planning to file a personal injury lawsuit against a driver or company, then you will want to know how you should pursue your claim. An attorney will be able to help you understand the personal injury laws and state rules pertaining to your case to assist you in obtaining a full recovery.  This will help you regain your lost life and can get you back to the state you were in prior to the accident. The way your attorney presents the case with all the necessary paperwork will crucially influence how fast and well protected you are in your case.

Insurance companies tend to have an adjuster that deals with either the victim or the lawyer in these kinds of cases. The insurance adjusters are known as quick closers. They will want the victim to settle quickly and for the minimum amount possible. This raises the value of the adjuster in the eyes of the insurance company and equates to bonuses and the like for an adjuster. In other words, the adjuster literally gets paid by convincing you to take less money. When the adjuster takes note of you not having legal representation, they offer you a small amount of damages which might seem like a small fortune at the time, but is often a fraction of what would be fair compensation with an attorney representing you. The adjuster will also avoid telling you the fact that you are entitled to receive more compensation damages. Therefore, an attorney that deals exclusively with personal injury cases would be in your best interest.

The lawyer can help you receive more compensation

Most victims feel that lawyers charge very high fees and after receiving the settlement, they will be left with nothing. That is not the case. The lawyer will only take a predetermined percentage of the settlement to which you will agree before he or she ever begins working for you. However, if your case is complicated and complex, the cost of experienced representation can cost a little more, but the expertise and effort that the lawyer will be putting into your case to convince the insurance company and the court of your damages will make it well worth the additional minor cost. During these kinds of cases, the lawyer charges can vary. However, you will want to know that you cannot fight the insurance companies yourself. It is a very arduous process and designed in a way that you will inevitably lose.  An experienced and professional Arizona car accident lawyer will be able to help you receive what is fair and reasonable and recover the losses you have suffered. With an experienced lawyer, you will be able to focus on recuperating from your injuries and returning to what matters most in your life.

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