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Avondale Car Accident Lawyer Q&A: How Do You Determine Fault in a Multi-Car Accident?

Under Arizona laws, Avondale car accident victims have the right to claim compensation for their losses. The defendant to their claim can be the party at fault or their insurer. That is why, when taking a case, an Avondale car accident lawyer will focus on identifying the party at fault. This way, they know against whom to gather evidence.

The Implications of Fault in Multi-Car Accidents in Avondale, AZ

Identifying the party at fault is a little more difficult when it comes to multi-car accidents. These accidents often involve huge damages. Moreover, it is in the best interest of all the parties involved to cast blame on someone else.

Accident liability may bring about higher insurance premiums for drivers. If they are uninsured or the damages exceed their insurance coverage, they may face a court trial. Moreover, drivers at fault will most likely be unable to recover their own losses.

It is easy to see why no one will step forward and assume fault for the accident. The best thing anyone can do is hire an experienced Avondale car accident lawyer. Some will need to prove liability and document damages. Others will want to build a sound defense.

Evidence Beats the Chain of Events – An Avondale Car Accident Lawyer Knows This

In Arizona accident cases, how things happened matters less than what the evidence shows. In the end, the case is not about what the parties did but about what the parties can prove. Of course, obtaining evidence requires investigations, and any investigation needs to start from somewhere.

The ideal is to begin investigations at the accident scene. The clues, evidence, and witnesses available immediately after the crash often reveal the chain of events. Perhaps someone was speeding or someone else did not yield right of way. One of the drivers could have been driving under the influence, or one of the vehicles may have malfunctioned.

Proving the applicable scenario should be the priority of most drivers. Unfortunately, most drivers and passengers neglect these aspects. They give in to the adrenaline rush, the stress, and the worries. Some are injured, even unconscious. Others get into fights with the other parties involved.

In such crazy situations, it helps to rely on the advice of an Avondale car accident lawyer. Unfortunately, many accident victims only reach out to one months after the event. Their auto accident attorney has no other solution but to start from the available evidence. In many cases, these are just the police report and some medical bills.

Avondale Car Accident Lawyer Investigations: From the Police Report to Solid Case Evidence

Police reports are not always accurate. Law enforcement officers are often in a hurry and may miss details. However, their reports usually include useful data. Many car accident lawyers in Avondale will start from it.

  • The report will help them identify the vehicles and drivers involved. It should also provide information on directions, speed, damage incurred.
  • Contact details in the report may help them locate witnesses.
  • Location information may help them identify video cameras that may have recorded the accident.
  • Other details may lead them to suspect technical issues and request an expertise, and may also discover evidence of driver intoxication.

They will corroborate the information in the police accident report with client and witness testimony, and will recreate the chain of events and gather the necessary evidence to prove it. They may use photos, recordings, testimonies, driver blood tests, and more.

An experienced Avondale car accident lawyer will not rest until they discover and prove how the crash occurred. It does not matter if it involved one or five cars or if the fault belonged to one or several parties. They will claim compensation from several parties if necessary. They will find a way to prove their case and obtain the compensation their client deserved.

The important thing to know is that all the above steps will be more challenging in multi-car accident cases. That is why it helps to have the lawyer start early on the case, preferably from the accident scene. The sooner they get started, the sooner and the more money they will obtain for their client.

Let an Avondale Car Accident Lawyer Get You Compensation after a Multi-Car Crash

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