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Concertgoers Injured in Crowd Crush

wirefenceNine concertgoers were injured at a music festival in Tempe when they were pushed against a fence in front of the stage by crowds.

Those who were injured while attending the Summer Ends Music Festival that was held at Tempe Beach Park were not trampled in a stampede but rather because of fellow concertgoers who were trying to get closer to the stage to see the reggae band that was playing. There were also injuries due to the triple-digit heat.

A domino effect was created causing people in the crowd to be pushed up against a 4-foot-tall barrier wall that was directly in front of the stage. Those concert attendees who were trapped between the barrier and the stage complained of difficulty in breathing because of the crowd.

According to Paul Nies, assistant chief of the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department, the crowds were not rushing the stage in the incident.

The concert was stopped for about an hour as emergency crews and police attempted to lift people out of the crowd. People were urged to step back and 100 additional firefighters were called to the venue in order to assist.

Nine people suffered injuries in the incident, one of them suffering from a head injury that was considered life-threatening.

Over the course of the four-day event, an additional 300 concertgoers were examined by emergency workers for heat exposure and a number of other issues including one person who suffered a drug overdose at the concert.

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