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Common Auto Accident Injuries in Arizona

Victims of Arizona car wreck injuries can have their lives impacted forever and can be harmed in numerous ways. When drivers harm people by being negligent and careless, the law gives these victims the opportunity to hold these drivers accountable and gain damage compensation.


Questions about legal rights may arise after accidents for victims and their family members. While victims of Arizona car accidents focus on their recovery process, an attorney can help with all legal details of a lawsuit.


Serious Car Wreck Injury Types


The worst types of car wreck injuries forever affect the lives of them and their families. Some of these devastating car accident injuries include:


  • Brain Injuries – Injuries to the brain can have weakening effects on some victims, and may range from mild to severe. Some types of brain injuries are anoxic, traumatic, and hypoxic ones, as well as concussions.


  • Injuries of the Spinal Cord – The nerves that send electrical impulses down your body while traveling through your spine make up the spinal cord. Becoming paralyzed in different ways is something that can happen if a car accident severs your spinal cord.


  • Neck Injuries – Your neck can violently whip forwards or backwards during a car wreck because of the harsh forces of impact. Serious mobility issues can happen if you experience whiplash during an accident, which is a very common factor of accidents.


  • Breaking Bones – Fracturing your tibia, pelvis, or fibula can mean a lot longer rehabilitation and recovery time. This could take a toll on your family members and yourself, because if you’re unable to walk you could lose income.


How Car Accident Victims Are Affected By Injuries


Careless drivers can cause serious consequences after harming someone else in an accident. Damages, which include emotional and monetary ones, are:


  • Economic Damage – Car accident victims can be left with expensive physical therapy payments, medical bills, and hospital expenses. In addition, it can be more difficult to pay back medical bills due to lost wages from being out of work.


  • Damages that are Noneconomic – Victims can be left with anguish because of the emotional toll caused by the accident.  Often times victims cannot perform activities they were once doing daily.  Victims can also be affected by physical pain and suffering of surgery, rehabilitation, and the crash itself.


Car Wreck Damage Recovery


In Arizona, the at-fault driver’s car insurance usually covers your injuries. However, negligent drivers and their insurance companies might try to pay you as little compensation as possible by trying to make your injury seem less severe than it is.


Arizona Car Accident Lawyers


If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, you deserve full and fair compensation. A skilled Scottsdale, Arizona car accident lawyer can help you hold the

responsible driver accountable for the damage they have caused. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident of any kind, give the law offices of Warnock MacKinlay Law a call. Nate can discuss the details of your case with you and outline ways that you can proceed and receive possible compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, and other related costs.


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