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Chandler Police Seek Help to Find Hit and Run Driver

Running from the scene of an accident can be the beginning of a lot more trouble than simply being involved in an accident. There are occasionally criminal charges and a boatload of other charges added to the docket when a hit and run is involved, especially when the hit and run was intentional.

Our thoughts go out to a Chandler man today for being the victim of a hit and run. He was trying to stop another man from hurting and abusing a woman in a parking lot. He did what he could to stop the fight, but was run over by the abuser. Intentionally.

Police are on the lookout for anyone who might have seen the accident take place, people who might be able to shed some light on the reasons behind such a dramatic act. The man who was hit served two tours in Iraq as a prison guard.

“Investigators believe there are others who witnessed the event and have not spoken to police.”

We’re hoping that they can get to the bottom of this soon. If you have been involved in a hit and run accident or have been victim to personal injury, give the offices of Warnock MacKinlay Law a call for a free consultation.

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