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How Can I Determine If a Chandler Car Accident Attorney Is Worth Hiring or Not?

As a suburb of Phoenix, AZ, Chandler sees close to 5,000 car crashes every year. For their victims, working with a Chandler car accident attorney is the best solution to recover losses. However, given the high number of law firms and lawyers servicing the area, choosing one can be challenging.

If you find yourself needing the services of an auto accident attorney, you want to work with one of the best. How do you find and recognize them? The following tips may come in handy.

Tips on Finding Reliable Car Accident Lawyers in Chandler, AZ

  • Lookup law firms and attorneys in your area. Law firms and attorneys who do not activate in Chandler may charge you extra for their services. You may have to visit them at their office in Phoenix or elsewhere. Also, their reputation will be more difficult to check. Lawyers who have handled local cases surely have previous clients you can talk to.
  • Check their practice areas. Generally, it is preferable to work with an attorney who focuses on one or two practice areas only. It is not uncommon for a car accident lawyer to handle personal injury cases as well. However, if they also handle family law cases, it should give you food for thought. Anyone can look up laws and follow basic procedures. You want a car accident lawyer who knows the laws and can apply them to your benefit.
  • Search for unbiased client reviews. Good car accident attorneys have satisfied clients willing to vouch for them. Similarly, dissatisfied clients will try to warn others not to repeat their mistakes. Identify the lawyers with the best reputation in your area and continue to dig.
  • Focus on lawyers who offer free consultations. Good lawyers have nothing to hide and are not afraid to talk to clients openly. They find it normal to offer something before asking for payments or commitments. That is why most of them will provide free consultations. Besides letting clients get a taste of the benefits at stake, they get a chance to choose the cases they represent.
  • Contingency-based agreements rule. Some car accident lawyers agree to get paid only if they win. Their fee will represent a percentage of the compensation they obtain for their client. You want such an agreement for at least two reasons. One: you do not pay anything if you lose (imagine working with a lawyer who will charge you by the hour). Two: the auto accident attorney will be more motivated to fight for high After all the more money they get you, the more you pay them.

How to Choose the Best Chandler Car Accident Attorney for Your Case

At this point, you have probably narrowed down your list to three or four Chandler auto accident attorneys. Go ahead and schedule consultations with each and every one of them. Since the statute of limitations for Arizona car accident claims is two years, you have plenty of time. Besides, if you followed the tips above, the consultations will not cost you anything.

They will give you a chance to obtain several opinions on your case and advice on how to approach it. By comparing opinions, it will be easy to discern who was superficial and who was genuinely interested to help. Later on, you can draw the line on your experiences and choose the best Chandler car accident lawyer for your case.

Generally, you want to stay away from car accident attorneys promising miracles without looking at your case. You want concrete advice, clear answers to your questions, and real case examples. Also, you want a knowledgeable and dedicated lawyer who will listen to you and explain everything in simple language. You will surely find such a car accident lawyer in our team.

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At Warnock MacKinlay Law, our car accident lawyers have handled hundreds of cases. We know how challenging and costly recovering from car crash injuries is. We show our support for our clients by providing free consultations and contingency-based agreements.

Otherwise put, you can benefit from our advice and take advantage of our services for free. You will only pay us from the compensation we recover for you, a percentage of it. Under the circumstances, you can be sure we will work hard to make sure you get the highest compensation possible.

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