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Trooper Heroically Stops Drunk Driver

downloadToday we have to write about the heroism of a local trooper who deliberately crashed his vehicle to stop a drunk driver. The driver was traveling at 70 MPH on the wrong side of I-17 for at least 12 miles before he was stopped.

Early in the morning, 911 callers started to get calls about the drunk driver. Trooper Jeremy Barr was on patrol on the interstate when he heard about it. He immediately sprung into action. He first caused a traffic break to occur by forcing drivers behind him to slow down. The trooper then kept a keen eye out for the vehicle.

While negotiating a blind curve, the officer saw the headlights of the drunk driver. The vehicle attempted to pass him. He immediately turned his vehicle toward the truck to avoid a head-on collision and to force the impaired driver to crash into the rock wall next to the curve.

He was successful at stopping the driver, but he suffered significant back injuries as a result of the crash. His family and fellow troopers are calling him a hero for his actions, and so do we.

Wrong-way driving accidents are caused most often by drunk driving. If you see a wrong-way driver call the police immediately before someone gets hurt. If you have been injured by a driver and you live in the Phoenix area, contact Warnock MacKinlay Law, your accident lawyer, today.


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