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Phoenix Police Officer Caught in Rollover

phxrolloverSome vehicles are more prone to certain types of accidents than others. SUVs are particularly prone to roll-over crashes. This is because their weight sits higher relative to the road than other vehicles. With the right push, these vehicles can easily tip onto their sides or even onto the roof.

Even experienced drivers can end up in a roll-over accident. A Phoenix police officer found himself caught up in a roll-over accident as he was on his way to assist with another incident. The officer collided at 43rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The best way to avoid a rollover accident in an SUV is to know your vehicle well. These vehicles drive differently than a car or a truck. They are not as responsive and require a wider turn radius. One cause of rollover accidents is when the tires cross into soft ground and the driver tries to overcorrect. This can be enough to send the vehicle tipping over.

However, a rollover can also happen in the event of a collision. If you’ve been injured in Phoenix and you need help, call Warnock MacKinlay Law. He’s your accident attorney in the city of Phoenix. For a free consultation, call today.


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