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Nursing Home Struck with 18th Violation This Year

cmsElder abuse happens when an elder’s caretaker fails to live up to their duty of care. It can come in many forms, from simple neglect to deliberate assault. Medical malpractice can also be wrapped up in an elder abuse case.

The most common place to find elder abuse is in a nursing home. There are many fine facilities throughout the country that take care of their patients, but when it doesn’t happen the stories can be horrific. Both state and federal regulators keep track of violations to ensure quality care.

One nursing home in Taunton, Massachusetts, has hit the news after their 18th violation was discovered this year. has dropped the star rating for that nursing home to a single star, the lowest rating. The latest violation involved the release of medical and personal information to a third party without the patient’s consent. This is a relatively minor offense compared to previous offenses when staff failed to notify physicians and families when another patient became sexually aggressive with other patients.

In that sort of case, even though the staff didn’t directly cause harm, they are still liable for failing to protect the other patients. Judging whether actions like these do constitute elder abuse needs the skill of a personal injury lawyer with experience in this field.

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