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8 Reasons Why You Need to Talk to a Truck Accident Lawyer Immediately

truck accident lawyer


Of all the types of auto accidents, truck collisions are the most dangerous. If you were injured in a recent truck accident, then you may be suffering from severe damages right now. The stakes are higher and the losses are more catastrophic in truck accidents. This is why as a victim, you need to talk to a truck accident lawyer as soon as you can.


A Truck Accident Lawyer Will Help You Avoid Early Settlement

While the goal of filing a case is monetary recovery, it is wise to avoid early settlement. An experienced truck accident lawyer will help you calculate all your losses. More often than not, truck accident victims suffer more devastating effects than other auto accident victims. Trucks, whether fully loaded or empty, generate a greater impact on collisions. Hence, your injuries may turn out to be more serious than you thought they might be.  

We always remind accident victims to avoid quick offers of compensation. Even insurance adjusters criticize lawyers for this reason. Do you know why? Litigation lengthens the process and toughens their job. Yet, it ensures a higher monetary recovery for the victim. An early settlement may void other financial obligations that the liable party should pay for. However, a truck accident lawyer would never leave any stone unturned. Thus, you have a better chance of receiving the amount of compensation that you rightfully deserve.


You Gain Access to a Quick Investigation

Police reports will only take you as far as what the authorities have recorded on the scene. Often, what is written there may not be enough to prove your claim. When you talk to a truck accident lawyer immediately, you will gain access to a quick investigation. That is because a lawyer works with a team of investigators. These are the people who will rapidly go back to the scene of the accident. Time may not always be on your side. Hence, you need to preserve any substantial evidence left that may be crucial to your case. With your injuries limiting your mobility these days, having someone to investigate on your behalf may spell the difference between winning and losing.


More Time for Evidence Collection

Gathering evidence is not an easy task. Yes, you can request a copy of the police report and talk to witnesses yourself. However, there are other types of evidence that you can obtain faster with the help of a truck accident lawyer. For example, the trucking company may only release pertinent documents if legally requested. Through a spoliation letter, your lawyer can get hold of the truck driver’s records and driving logs. Documents such as dock reports and dispatch instructions may contain clues as to if there was any negligence on the part of the company. Your lawyer will even compel the trucking company to release information about the vehicle involved. This may shed light on your case, especially if the truck lacked necessary maintenance before the accident occurred.


A Truck Accident Lawyer Knows How to Determine Liability

More often than not, a truck accident involves multiple liable parties. Especially in the commercial trucking industry, various factors may cause accidents. From fleet management to driver behaviors, you need to know who is truly responsible for your damages. Since truck accidents are complex cases, you need the experience of someone who can determine liability.

With the expertise of a truck accident lawyer, you can recover damages from the following:

  • Truck driver/truck operator
  • Trucking company/ truck driver’s employer
  • Vehicle manufacturer
  • Loading company/ dispatch/fleet manager
  • City council/ state government

The government regulates the trucking industry extensively. Truck operations involve a long list of policies to ensure road safety. From service hours to driver monitoring, truckers must follow strict rules and regulations. These agencies include:

If a trucking company and its drivers show a history of violations, then it will become grounds for negligence. Or, if the truck fails due to a malfunctioned braking system or other parts, then the manufacturer will be liable for the damage. Also, if a roadway defect contributed to the collision, the local council may also share the fault. In short, you may be entitled to other potential claims when a truck accident lawyer investigates deeper into your case.


You Can Prove the Severity of Injuries More Effectively

You may be wondering how your truck accident lawyer can help prove the severity of your injuries. Well, like many other accident victims, you may be struggling financially these days. This may affect your ability to seek prompt medical care. When you delay medical treatment, the liable party may argue that your injuries are not are bad as you claim them to be.

Experienced lawyers are often well-connected with healthcare providers. Even if you cannot afford treatment right now, your accident lawyer can find a solution for you. There may be doctors who are willing to wait for payment until you receive your compensation. Moreover, with legal guidance, you will be more organized in keeping track of all your medical records and expenses.


Prevent Delaying Tactics

Liable parties, especially big corporations, may use all sorts of tactics to delay the case. If they did not succeed in offering a quick, meager settlement, it could end up in a trial. It is the back-and-forth process during the discovery phase which lengthens the case. During the filing of motions, they could even request a motion to dismiss the case.

However, if your truck accident lawyer has prepared the arguments well, chances are, the court may deny such a motion. So, how can your lawyer achieve this? The answer is time. The sooner you talk to your lawyer, the greater the time he/she gets to strengthen your claim.


You Benefit From Your Truck Accident Lawyer’s Experience and Resources

Apart from gathering enough evidence is proving why they give merit to the case. If the arguments become too technical, your lawyer may request the assistance of expert witnesses. An experienced truck accident lawyer knows the right people to consult depending on the elements of the case. For example, accident reconstruction experts help determine if the truck violated road regulations during the time of the crash. In the same manner, a mechanical expert can analyze whether a vehicle defect contributed to the accident. When you give more time for your lawyer to investigate, he/she can properly prepare questions that will enable the witnesses to validate your claim.


Pursue Maximum Recovery

If your goal is to receive maximum compensation, you should talk to a lawyer as soon as you can. Trucking companies and their insurance providers will try their best to lessen, if not, deny your claim. Thus, time is your leverage. When you allow your truck accident lawyer sufficient time to build your case, you help secure your claim.

So, take that first step toward your recovery. Do not delay the legal assistance that you need right now. If you were injured in a recent truck accident, call our legal team for a free consultation. We will start right away to pursue maximum recovery for your damages.


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