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Mesa Arizona Truck Accident Lawyers

Commercial trucks and tractor-trailer rigs can weigh between 10,000 and 80,000 pounds, and collisions with passenger vehicles often result in serious injuries or death. Mesa, Arizona truck accident lawyer Warnock MacKinlay Law has represented many clients involved in terrible truck accidents.

Truck accident lawyer in Mesa, Arizona

Accident Statistics for Cars vs. Trucks

Statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation show that there are approximately one-half million truck accidents each year, and about 5,000 of these result in death. Nationwide, one of every eight traffic deaths results from an accident involving a truck. Even more alarming is the fact that in wrecks between passenger vehicles and tractor-trailers, 98 percent of deaths were in passenger vehicles.

Defensive Driving is Important

Owners of trucking companies and their drivers have a responsibility — a legal responsibility — to pay attention to the rules of the road and to verify that their trucks are always properly maintained. Passenger vehicle drivers should practice defensive driving, particularly on roads and highways that are heavily populated with trucks and tractor trailers.

Here are some helpful tips to remember when sharing the road with large trucks::

  • Pay attention to, and avoid, any trucker’s blind spots
  • Never try to pass a truck on the right when its blinker or action indicates that it is turning right
  • Always watch a truck’s turn signals
  • Use appropriate passing procedures
  • Don’t throw litter or trash out of your car when passing a truck
  • Don’t tailgate trucks
  • Trucks take longer to brake than cars, so never cut off a truck

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