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Car Accidents

Arizona’s legal system requires one driver to show that the other driver is at fault for any compensation to change hands. Auto accidents, if they proceed to trial, usually end with the jury assigning a percentage of blame to either party. This is a unique facet of Arizona law and usually needs a legal professional to look through the case to determine if negligence exists and to what extent it does. In Arizona, vehicle accident injuries over both economic and non-economic damages and the extent to which these damages can apply to a case vary, based on the specifics of the incident and the outcome. Don’t hesitate to contact our skillful auto accident lawyers to go over your case and come up with an effective plan of attack.

Truck Accidents

Personal injury cases relating to trucks are another area in which we offer advice and support to clients. As an Arizona injury lawyer that understands the additional regulations that truckers need to abide by within the state, we can present a case that takes into account these legal limitations when bringing the case to court. In the event you have been injured by a truck, you should seek out a truck accident lawyer immediately to ensure that the matter has the attention of the authorities. If the truck driver is negligent, then you may have grounds to bring a suit against them. The driver’s failure to follow even the most basic of laws regarding trucking in the state can work to your benefit.

Motorcycle Accidents

Arizona motorcycle law is another area in which we specialize, offering the services of a skilled Arizona personal injury law firm to any motorcyclist in need. In many situations where motorcycle injuries happen, it is important to be aware of the level of negligence that other drivers bring to the incident. Like with any other licensed vehicle, the onus is on the primary driver to take precautions and be properly outfitted with safety equipment. Anything beyond that which leads to bodily harm can be considered something that we can look into presenting as a claim for compensation due to injury.

Bus Accidents

bus accident is potentially more life-threatening than a private motor vehicle accident because of the scale of the accident itself. A bus carries a lot of passengers and violation of state laws by the driver can leave the bus company open to a personal injury suit. The crux of the matter in a bus personal injury case is whether the accident was preventable or not. Having a lawyer that takes the time to go through the many reports regarding the case can be critical in determining whether the passengers of the bus have a claim on the bus company.

Uber Accidents

Rideshare companies have provided a valuable and affordable service to people who don’t own personal transport. However, if you’re someone who works for these companies, you should be aware of your rights in the event of an accident. Hiring an accident lawyer immediately after the accident is the first step in ensuring that you’re covered, as a well-prepared attorney will do their homework to figure out the facts of the case. Many insurance companies refuse to cover drivers who take on rideshare work, so an attorney that can navigate the intricacies of negotiating with insurance companies, as well as the rideshare company, is essential to getting maximum compensation for the accident.

Bicycle Accidents

There are a large number of cyclists in Arizona compared with other states, mainly because of the wonderful temperate weather we experience in the warmer portions of the year. Arizona law holds cyclists responsible for many of the same traffic regulations that motor vehicle drivers are liable. In addition to these regulations, cyclists are bound by further rules that relate to specific equipment on their bicycle, including a front lamp that allows motorists to see them clearly, even in darkness. If you find yourself needing an Arizona personal injury lawyer to consult regarding your bicycle accident, we do specialize in this type of personal injury claims as well.

Scooter Accidents

Scooter rideshare companies may also be held liable for incidents that occur while using their equipment. Electric scooters follow a different set of legislation from motorcycles, motor-scooters or mopeds. Areas that have electric scooters have legislation governing their operation, but certain rules apply across all cities in the state. Scooter accidents that are not due to the rider improperly obeying the local traffic laws are liable for prosecution. However, the onus is on you to consult an Arizona personal injury lawyer before the suit is filed to ensure that you do indeed have a case against the electric scooter company.

Pedestrian Accidents

Arizona law states that a pedestrian crossing the street has the right of way over a vehicle and that the driver must yield to the crossing pedestrian. Pedestrian accidents happen because of several situations which may arise, including the driver not spotting the person crossing in time to stop, or didn’t check behind them while reversing from their driveway unto the street. Because of the potential for a pedestrian accident to cause massive and irreparable damage to an individual, a personal injury lawyer in Arizona should be consulted to ensure that you get the case dealt with quickly, and you or your loved one get the compensation that you deserve.

DUI Accidents

Anyone injured in a car accident knows that it’s the start of a long, difficult process with insurance and doctors. However, a wreck with a drunk driver is astronomically worse. These crashes often result in serious injuries and even death. When this happens, you need an Arizona DUI accident lawyer to fight for your interests as a victim.

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