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Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents are numerous in Arizona, and they all hinge on whether the property owner in question was guilty of negligence. The two things that persons looking to file a slip and fall case should bring to the attention of their Arizona personal injury lawyer are the time when the incident occurred and whether the property owner was negligent in providing information or infrastructure that could have prevented the accident. Getting the personal injury motion filed before the statute of limitations (which in this case is two years from the date of occurrence) is crucial in ensuring the success of the case.

Construction Accidents

A lot of construction workers believe that if an injury happens on the job, workers’ compensation is the best that they can hope to receive. However, in Arizona law, there are exceptions where additional compensation may be available past what workers’ compensation offers. It’s in an injured worker’s best interest to consult a construction accident lawyer to determine whether these exceptions apply and whether or not they should pursue filing a personal injury case while receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Exploring your legal options, in this case, is essential to finding the most equitable solution to your injury problem once and for all.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pool owners are liable for the safety of individuals on their property, as long as the person isn’t a trespasser on their premises. In the case of a swimming pool accident, if the owner manages to leave their property inadequately supervised or protected, then personal injury may result because of it. When such a situation does occur, seeking the expert advice of a is the right first step. From there you can explore the legal options that you have at your disposal to determine what sort of compensation is due and to what extent the property owner is liable for your personal injury with the assistance and advice of your attorney.

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